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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 142. 1913. 78]

1he§e;sa1Ly 0% coxidsuct the of the department; and repairs to

os ce partmen dung' . £or an_t8£}l1ingbcus;lbine1s£ $7,000. Furniture. orrenoasm e orsto eof me 0%% Del; f $3,000. ding rag the files of the Post or ren 0 sta es, $500. For the ublication of co ies of the Official Pos (}md‘ ’ dm' g omemruaaoama got 8.X $ lih0`I1SI;Dd copies for the ust:1 of th§,el;glc`i;t;ive . e artmen , . ger miscellaneous expenses in the Divisionof To 1; in the romana mum . . P°gmP Y •u. preparation and_publication of post-route maps and rural delivery

  • ,2;:: Qazearsrsdtss mmgntmmksohmossic-spa

» » · OB ma an orize •¤· sale to_ the public of postjroute maps and rural dgivery ma or blue prints at the cost of printing an ten per centum thereof asded, the proceeds of such sales to be used as a further ap priation for the preparation publication of post-route maps andnriiral delivery maps or blue_ rmi:. Of tlZ\]S·8l110l11lt $100 may be expended in the

 gfqasases, geographical and technical works needed in the

ono opograp y. - No art of any appropriations made for the service of the Post R"“"°°“",,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,°“’°’*‘ Office Department in clbngirmityewith the Act of July second, eighteen =;;_ A hundred thirty-six, shall expended for any of the purposes Mi herein provided for on account of the Post Office Department at Washington, District of Columbia. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. u_g¤»·•·=¤·¤¤ M rw Orrrcrz or run A·rronNEY Gmvnnu.: Attorney General, $12,000; ’}"""‘°§,,"‘”,,,,°""- Solicitor General, $10,000; assistant to the Attomey General, $7,000; D seven Assistant Attomeys General, at $5,000 each; Assistant Attorniy General of the Post Oihce Department, $5,000; Solicitor of Intern Revenue, $5,000; Solicitor for the Department of State, $5,000· four attorneys, at $5,000 each, one of whom shall have charge of all condemnation proceedings in the District of Columbia and supervise the examination of titles and matters arising from such condemnation proceedings in which the United States shall be a party or have an mterest, and no special attorney or counsel or services of {persons other than of those provided for herein, shall be employed or such Mmm nm purposes; attorneys—one $3,750, three at $3,500 each, one $3,250, •n¤.·¤·.”' twc ve at $3,000 each, two at $2,500 each; assistant attorneys—one $3,500, two at $3,000 each, two $2,750 each, five at $2,500 each, one cm ML mm. $2,400, two at $2,000 each; assistant examiner of titles, $2,000; chief ,¤, clerk and ex ofilcio superintendent of the buildings, $3,000; superintendent of buildings, $500; private secretary an assistant to the Attorney General $3,000; clerk to the Attorney General, $1,600; stenographer to the Solicitor General, $1,600- law clerks-three at $2,000 each, two of class four; clerk in office of, the Solicitor of Inter- swumwhm M nal Revenue, $1,800; attorney in of pardons, $3,000; super- pmnnse, dm inmndsnt or prisons, $4,000; disbursing clqr , $2,750; sppvrstment ‘.’;'..’..E""°“ clerk, $2,000; chief of division of investigation, $3,500; examinerstwo at $2,500 each, four at $2,250 each, two at $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each; librarian, $1,800; clerks-—eight of class four, ten of clam three, seven of class two, sixteen of class one, fourteen at $1,000 each, twenty at $900 each; chief messenger, $1,000; packer, $900; mes- m}‘¤_•":=_'”‘· "‘°“' senger, $960; five messengers; thirteen assistant messenge1s;_seven laborers; seven watchman; engineer, $1,200; two assistant engineers, at $900 each; four firemen; two conductors of the elevator, at $720 mmm 0, M each; head charwoman, $480; twenty-two charwomsn. I?1YlSlOD·0f wma, Accounts: Chief of division of accounts, $2,500; administrative