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782 ‘ SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sus. III. Ch. 142. 1913. accountant, $2,500; chief bookkeeper and record clerk, $2,000· clerks—three of class four, six_of class three, six of class two, five of class one, three at $900 each; m all, $424,610. _ c¤¤¤¤a¤¤¤¤r¤¤•¤ Commsnm mxruzsns, DEPABIIENT or Jusrrcn: For furniture and re , carpets file holders, and cases $4,500. For ESE for law br¤.ry.of the department $3,000. _ For ogfsessmn wstand statutes of the States and Territories or rary departmen $500. · For books for omce of Soliziitor of the Department of Commerce and Labor, $300. _ For stationery for departanent and 1U_B6VG1'&l. bureaus, $6,500. For miscellaneous expenditures including telegraphmg, fuel, hgh} foreignpostage,labe1·,repursofhui|d:l?s,ca1e ofgrounds,boo o , reference, penodicals, typewntms and ding machmes and exchange of same, street car tickets not exceeding $200, and other necessanes, . r directly ordered by the General, $25,000. gorélpiiieial purchase and exghauge, keeis an amm purchase, exchange, an repairs ns any harness and, purchase and of bicycles, $2,500. ¤=¤*· ¥orrentofbuildin€°andpartsofbudd1ngsmtheDmu·1ctof _ Columbia used by the pertinent of Justice, $32,200. www ling-: 0nrcnc1··rn1:SoucnuaorumTnnasunr:Solicitor $5,000; •a. Assistant Solicitor $3,000; chief clerk, $2,000; two law clerks at $2,000 each; two docket clerks at $2,000 each; clerks-—two of class fou:i1tv;ooggl)assthree,twoofclasstwo; mistantmmsmgenlaborer; in , 28 . _ For 1aw’books for office of the Solicitor of the Treasury, $300. mgawgd {mmf; Omen or rmt Soucrron or run Dnanumnr or Cornmacn am: mum, ne. Lama; Solicitor, $5,000; &sistant Solicitor, $3,000; c1eiks—three of class four, two of class three, three of class two, three of class one; messenger; m all, $25,240.


’°°'°°';?·§,$"“"‘· Omen or run Sncanraar: Secretary of Commerce and Labor, mw um $12,000; Assistant Secretary, $5,000; tprivate secretary to the Sec· _,,,,,_,,_·,,,_ retary, $2,500; confidential clerk to e Secretary, $1,800; private secretary to Assistant Secretary, $2,100; chief cerk and superintendent, $3,000; disbunsing clerk, $3,000; chief of appointment division $2,500; chief division of publications, $2,500; chief, division of sup lies, $2,100; clerks—ten o class four, twelve of class three (including one transferred from Bureau of Immigration), twelve of class two, thirteen of class one (two transferred from Census Omce), ten at $1,000 each, six at $900 each; two telephone operators, at $720 each; messenger to the Secretary, $1,000; five messengers; nine assistant Il1& ; seven messenger boys, at $480 each; engineer, $1,000; three s ed laborers, at $840 each; two conductors of elevators, at $720 each; two iiremen,`at $660 each; seventeen laborers; two laborers, at $480 each; cabinetrnaker, $1,000; carpenter, $900; c:lse§1v;ptg16nan, $900; eleven watchman; eighteen charwomen; in ¤g;~•¤ er ¤¤n>¤¤· ilnnrau or_Com·o1u*n0Ns: Commissioner of Corporations, $5,000; deputy commissioner, $3,500; chief clerk, $2,500; clerk to commissioner, $1,800; clerks——four of class four, four of class three, sixof class two, ten_of class one, fifteen at $1,000 each; Efteen copyists·

;3sg)szstant messenger; three messenger boys, at $480 each;

“’°°’*' *°°'”°¥'· Forconipensationand diem tobefixedb th Secre ee. Commerce and Labor, oflggrecial attorneys, special spec1alagente,forthepurposeofcarryingont.lmworkofsa.idbui·eau,