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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 142. 1913. 783 as provided b the Act a roved Fe fourteenth nine Vol.¤.p.$. hundred and three, entitled ?&.11 Act the Depdrtrnentfiili Commerce and Labor," the per diem to be, sub`ect to such rules and reqilauons m the Secretary of Commerce and labor may prescribe m_ eu of subs1stence, at a rate not exceeding $4 per day to each of said special attorneys, special examiners, and special agents, and also o other officers an employees in the Bureau of Corporations while absent from their homes on duty outside of the District of Columbia, and for actual necessary traveling expenses, includm%necessary sleepmg~car fares ; in all, $175,000. nemo or Lama: Commissioner, $5,000; chief statistician who Y2-§,“‘°'· shall also perform the duties of chief clerk, $3,000; four statistical U · experts at $2,000 each; clerks—five of class four, five of class three, six of two, twelve of class one nine at $1,000 each; two eopyists; two ass1stant_ messengers; two laborers; special agents-four at $1,800 each, six at $1,600 each, eight at $1,400 each, four at $1,200 °‘i%"“‘ ‘%a"°i·‘§.‘?:. f is. ..rsr.,... ..,,1.,... »·»·-Q-·-·-···. _orper em,m o su tance, band Wl1110. traveling on duty away from their homes and outside of the District of Co umbia, at a rate not to exceed $3 per day, and for their transportation, and for employment of and tempo assistance, to be paid at the rate of not $8 per day}:13 for traveling expenses of officers and employees, an for the purchase of reports and materials for the reports and bulletins of the Bureau of Labor, and for subvention to‘ international Association forLabour Legis1ation," and necessary expenses connected with representation of the United States Government therein, $64,090. For books, periodicals, and newspapers for the library the sum of "°'*°°¤"»•*°- $100 may be ezapended for newspapers for the purpose of procuring strike data, an the annual subscriptions for newspapers and periodicals for the bureau may be aid in advance, $1,000. To enable the Secretary of gommerce and Labor to provide and ¤,,‘§°‘{,'f‘},,,,§,",$,""",L‘.‘ pay for the medical examination of emdployees of the United States r·¤%{•g,_,_ W, receiving compensation for injuries un er the provisions of the Act ' of Mag thirtieth, nmeteen hundred and eight, as directed by section five o said Act, and for clerical assistance in its administration and for subsistence, transportation, and traveling eippenses of officers and employees of the ureau of Labor while trave mg on duty away from their homes and outside of the District of Columbia while engaged m the investigation of claims arising under the provisions of said Act, $3,000, _ Burman or monrsousmsz Commissioner, $5,000; deputy com- Q;',_"" °‘ ‘*"’ missioner, $4,000; chief constructing enineer, $4,000; superintendent of naval construction, $3,000; chief cler , $2,400; clerks-one $2,000, two of class four, two of class three, two of class two, five of class one, seven at $1,000 each, two at $900 each, one $840; messenger; assistant messenger; two messenger boys, at $480 each; assistant engineersone $3,000, one $2,400, one $2,250; d.raftsmen—one $1,800, one $1,560, one $1,500, one $1,440, two at $1,200 each; m all, $64,510. as-one Cmrsvs Orman: For Director, $6,000; four chief statisticians at $3,000 each; chief clerk, $2,500; gcographer, $2,000; stenographer, $1,500; eight expert chiefs of division, at $2,000 each; clerkseleven of class four, twenty of class three thirty—mne of class two, three hundred and live of class one, eighty-three at $1,000 each eighty-six at $900 each; engineer, $1,000; electrician, $1,000; skilled laborers-two at $1,000 each, four at $900 each, ten at _$720 each; six watchmen; three messengers; three firemen; five assistant messengers ; eight unskilled laborers, at $720 each; four messenger boys, at $480 each; fourteen charwomen; in all, $711,240: Provided, That P~•*•·