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788 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. IH. Ch. 142. 1913. used, including eisonal services in the District of Columbia and in the field, $25,00tll _ . Iquxppingaleehlcal For the purchase of storage batteries, transformers, smtchboards, """"“"’· and other necemary equipment of the new electrical laboratory, $25,000, to be a1lable. _ _ cmu-.·•s¤¤e•¤. Cmm>nz1¢’s Btmnau: of bureau, $5,000; assistant chief of ""‘·’·”°‘ bureau, $2,400; statistical expert, $2,000; private secretary to the chief of bureau, $1,500; clerks-—two of clam four, two of class three, one of class two, one of one, one at $1,000; special agents—one $1,400, one $1,200; copyist; messenger; m all, $25,640. ceteegmeupmn. Coivrmomvr mxrmxsns, Duraarirsur or- Comcmws arm Lanoa: For contingent and miscellaneous expenses of the offices and bureaus of the department, for which appro nations for contingent and miscellaneous expenses are not speeific»il.l_Lmade, mcluding the purchase of professional and scientific books, w books, books of reference, periodicals, books, pamphlets, maps, newspapers (not exceeding $2,500) stationery, fm-mture and repairs to e same, carpets, matting, oilcloth,_iile cases, towels, ice, broonm, soap spongesfl fuel, lightiiglznd heatmg; for the fzrurchase, exchange, care of orses andv les, tobeusedonly officialpurposes;freightandexpress charges, postage to fo ‘ countries, telegralphand telephone service, typewriters and machines, mc uding their exchaugempairsto the bui1dingoccupiedby theoEceso_theSecretaryol Commerce and Labor; storage of documents belonging to the Bureau of Lighthouses not to exceed $1,500, and for storage of documents belonging to Bureau of Labor not to exceed $750; street-car dm tickets, not exceeding al: other A¤¤*¤¤¤•l· °°·necessaryexpensesnotm in e o , , ,an in - i°$ li}; tion thereto sums amounting to $68,500 deducted from other ¥,,,,°?,,',§’,_""‘ '°” appropriations made for the focal year nineteen hundred and fourteen and added to the ropnation "Contmgent_expenses, De artment of Commerce an¢l¥.,abor,” in order to_ acilgtate the pudliase through the central purcho:5 office as provided m the Act of June v.,;_¤_,_ ei. seventeenth, nineteen hun and ten (Statutes at Large, volume thirty-six, five hundred thirty-one), of certain supplies for bureaus an o ccs for which contingent and miscellaneous appropriations are iiically made as follows: General expenses, Lighthouse Service, $2%; stationery, Bureau of the Census, $10,000- miscellaneous expenses, Bureau of the Census, $15,000; books and periodicals, Bureau of the Census, $500; contingent expenses, Steamboatslgggection Service, $3,000; contingent expemes, shipping service,

instruments for measuring vessels and counting aesengers,

$500; enforcement of wirelesscommunication laws, $2,0002 expenses of regulating immigration, $13,500; equipment, Bureau of Standards $1,000; general expenses, Bureau of Standards, $1,800; general expenses, Coast and Geodetic Survey, $4,200; miscellaneous expenses Eeureaéi of $8,500; and_thefsaid total sum of $128,500 shall an constitute the a ro nation or cont' nt expenses, art- To be expended ment of Commerce ancfgmgor, to be expenldl-ile through thelzggtral §’§,’§,§‘,f,*; °""*°“ °' purchasing office (Division of Supplies), Deo)artment of Commerce and Labor, and shall also be avai able for o jects and purposes of the several appropriations mentioned under the title ‘ Contingent expenses, Department of Commerce and Labor/’ in this Act. B¤¤= or rent o buildings and arts of buildings in the District of Colsuszilgzio for the use of the Department of Commerce and Labor, W¤¤¤¤ I--¤°*¤¤· 'Ilhe accounting officers of the Tmasu ans hereb authorized and cmmn I directed to credit in the accounts of Wlgliam L. Soleau, former disbursing clerk, Department of Commerce and Labor, the sum of $99.63, disallowed by the Auditor for the State and other Departments.