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SIXTY-SECOLID CONGRESS. Srss. III. Ch. 142. 1913. 789 JUDICIAL. susan. Surnmm Coumjz Chief Justice_of the Supreme Court of the United °“"‘“"‘°°""~ States, $15,000; eight associate justices, at $14,500 each; marshal, $4,500; mne stenographic clerks, one for the Chief Justice and one

<;1g3egc.l6 associate justice, at not exceeding $2,000 each; in all}

Criwurr (boar or Armam: Thirty-four circuit 'udgea at $7 00 °"°““°°""°‘ •¥* each; nine clerks of circuit comts of appeals, at $3500 each; messed? wh ger, to act as_ librarian and crier circuit court of appeals, eighth circuit, $3,000; m all, $272,500. wggxsgmmm comers: Ninety-three district judges, at $6,000 each, ”""'°"'“'*"· Drsuucr couirr, Tmmrronr or Hawan: Two °udges at $6,000 `”'""“ ‘”'*"°‘ each; clerk, $3,000; raporter, $1,200; $16,200. 1 ’ mn _ Rmmnn moons: o pay the salaries of judges retired under sec- ""°"°"‘“"‘ tion seven hundred and fourteen of the Revised Statutes, so much *·¤~·••¤~'¤l Mlas may be ngcessary for the fiscal year andi§June thirtieth, nineteen hundred an fourteen, ishereby appropria . Comm- or Approved, Disrmcr or Commune: Chief justice, $7,500 ; .,,,§’,,'1‘{,',°§@""‘“ two asmciate justices, at $7,000 each; clerkfs$3,250, and $250 additional as custodian of the Court of Appea _Bu1ldmg; assistant or deputy clerk, $2 250; reporter, $1,500: Provided, That the reports ,,e""',,,,§ issued by him shall not besold for more than $5 pervolume ; crier, who shall also act as stenographer and typewriter in the clerk’s office when not engaged m court room, $1,200; three messengers, at $720 each; necessary expenditures in the conduct of the clerk’s office, $1,000; three stenographers, one for chief justice and one for each associate justice, at $1,200 each' in all, $30,710, one-half of which shall m2i.iS$°di¤L°m Db be giaid from the revenues of the District of Columbia. uramm Comm-, Drsrmcr or Counnua: Chief justice and five _,‘,§',g{,'g';,{,°,g‘¤¤”‘• associate judges, at $6,000 each; six stenographers, one for the chief justice and one for each associate {justice, at $900 each; in all, $41,400 W an;-hall; of which shall be paid rom the revenues of the District of um 1a. · Coumssxosma, YELLOWSTONE Paar: Commissioner in Yellow- stone National Park, $1,500. And the provisions of section twenty- one of the legislative, executive, and jrdicial appropriation _Act ap- "°‘·”·’·’“· proved May twenty-eighth, eighteen undred and_ ninety-six, shall not be construed as the right of said commissioner to receive said salary as herein provided. _ _ mn M mmm Booxs ron mmcnx. omcms: For the purchase and rebmdingpf csc,- law books and books of for United States judges, district attome , and other judicial officers, mcluding the mne libraries of the (liiited States circuit courts of appeals, to be expended under _ the direction of the Attorney Gener_ : Provided,_That such books ,0 N shall in all cases be transmitted to their successors m office; all books cases. Elrctlgdasgd thereunder to be plainly marked, "The property of the ni tates/’ $16,000. ‘ _ Comrr or Cusrous Annu: Presiding judge and·four associate ,,§,$;{,‘___ °' °*¤°°¤• judies, at $7,000 each; marshal, $3,000; clerk, $3,500; assistant cler , $2,000; five stenograpluc clerks at $1,600 each; stenographic re%vrter, $2,500;memenger, $84Q;m all $54,840. _ _ _ or rent of necessary guerters m Was District of Columbia, Pjg:=¤¤¤·°¤· ¤· and elsewhere, $7,000; or necessary trav _ exjgnsee of members of the court_and clerk, $150; for books, jfriodica , and stationery, supplies, freight, telephone and telegrap , heat, light, and power service, drugs, chemicals, and cleansers, furniture, and printmg;_for _ pay of bailiifs and all other necessary employees not otherwise specific-