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790 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sas. HI. Ch. 142. 1913. li? "’°""c?c"c‘°’ci.°“"ccccc"" .§'°" ‘Z¤‘§`c°’§“?6‘3"’“°2¤¥°cii”c‘§»?” ” "°°’ Il ; m r · °¤¤*·*¤•*¤ (lggrlgvor Chief $6,500; four(;gud§es_ at $6,000 each; chief clerk, $3,500; mutant clerk, $2,5 ; arhif, $1,500; clerks— $1,600, three at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each; ste- “°“""‘“ccccc’ 3£€.?c'Z?c°c£‘c”.{cL“c3?°§‘c‘§5’ ?'2'c°3 wa en; ; » labo ; t oharw ; ° $56 680. A¤¤¤¤¤. ¤¤- Fdysudivggrs and :dd§t1io:dl;htenog{aphm, when deemed necessarjy,

  • ¤ dc "°··*c&.°‘c£‘c:‘m .;ccc· ·.·::;°*:c¤*·¤°g*·ccccP*"c ·°.?c‘* *:;c*;“cz°“*°‘

° ‘ , ’ ’ f co . ¤-········»···· ]ud?u¢ii·°stt:tio , ccccc nciiy, c%pccc,c‘c‘12c3cc.c to, bicycles, fuel, electricl{;h?t, electric elevator, and other misce 'eous expenses, $3 900. c `

  • ·v¤¤•·'=¤°•¤'•*¤¤·' lion- reporting the decisions of the court and superintending the

5i£mc‘i“gc‘i‘¤$° £1’7»“Z‘§.l%‘“‘ `£l’“°c3£'cc"‘cic’°"°’cc'$ °‘$2n‘{°"‘°cc.¥§ on o cou no an %,{"m'?;_",{"m‘ lmndred and sixty-ive of the R.evie<}\Statutes or ` sectiontihr~eeof theActofJur1e-t·wentieth,eight.ean undredand v — our. °······ °°cc..c,"f·*`*`y···* 0* .:,°:.·.#*··*:;r °*c:’*· www Wctammcs; $500 p on e o er o court, no tan a.s,¤•e.rm,p.u¢. severiteen hundred and sixty-five of Revised Statutes or v°'·"·"·‘°'· section three of the Act of June twenueth, eighteen hundred and se — ur. . - nyc: Means; E:.iy2.°That the pay of oper·ators,aasis'{t;r‘§ ,,,,,,,,,, iiremm, tchmen, eharwomen pro

 for in   ’Act, excqi? those employtdszm mints and assay offices,

unlpzail specially stgled, shall be as follows: Fo; telephoneswi operators is t messengers, firemen, an wa en, at the rate of $720 pei- isnum each; for laborers, at the rate of $660 per annum each; asshtant telephone-switchboard o tors, at the ratehlof $600 each, and for oharwomen, at the rate of $:-0 per annum sac

 Sec. 3. That the appropriations herein made for the officers, clerks,

v•¤¤¤· and tpenons employ in the public service shall not be available {*:3 e compenspztirfon of any cpersons incapacitated otherwise than poran or orm su service.

°,‘:'Q,_",,,'f"‘,,f,,$‘,,,,_ Sm. 4.1That section slggen of the general deficiency appropriation

it Ast approved Axfust twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and twelve, Lump mm mm rs amended to re as follows: _ _ ,,c,¤,,,,._ Sec. 7. That no part of an money contained herein or hereafter HL•.g_*{{,°}*r<;,¤_L°¤ •·*•· appropriated in lump sum shag be available for the ayment of personal services at a rate of compensation in excess of strat paid for the same or srmilugagrvzces dunplgcthe fiscal year; n<}r shall any ¤ mp P a a spec ercafte t rred d hgrrzzfter par! from a lump-sum appropriation a ratio oiacgsmhematdgn greater than such specrfic salary, and the heads of de attments shall mw- cause this provision to be enforced: Provided That section shall agplloabls to t' l to h c . . Y _ mccustgmhm, cs no app y mec amcs, artrsans, their helpers and assrstants, laborers, ’° or other employees whose dptres are of similar character and requ _ m cargméoon the various manufacturing or constructing hn operations of e vernment. ,0,,,,,, Ugg;}. 5. That all laws or parts of laws inconsistent with this Act Approved, March 4, 1913.