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SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 143. 1913. 791 CHAP. 148.—A¤ Act a pr·opr1L ;g;·v;gg' Qgu mm; De‘par·¤neattc: the fiscal June hzmgtmtdtngormuwm, IK- kidgl ¤¤ f<>= ¤¤¤¤r r>¤rv¤¤¤¤- Be it enactedby the8enatea1ndHmrseofR esentatieea the United States of in Congress assembled, 'flidlzr the follo sums be, mar service ap gg; they are hereby; apptropmattlpdtlilorghp of the dgost Office "°w%i.°r?‘$‘;¤. artmenmcoormrwr eco seoon,`teen hundred anti thirty-six, asyfollowsz uly ugh ormor: or run rosrxasrm ormzxar. 1=¤¤¤¤¤•¤o•e¤.1. For rent of suitable build' for the use of the Post Office De(part- R° & •¤¤ ment, including the mail-bauggiiepair shop, lock repair shop, an the mnmtu Division of Supplies, $34,400. $516%% gas, electric power and light, and the repair of machinery, mmm Fon sananms or rosr-orrrca msrwmns: For salaries of nfteen m;=•'·°¤¤• *¤¤¤¤> inspectors in charge of divisions, at $3,000 each; ten inspectors, at $2,400 each; fifteen inspectors, at $2,250 each; twenty-six inspectors, at $2,100 each; fifteen mspectors, at $2,000 each; twenty-nine inspectors, at $1,900 each; sixty-tive inspectors, at $1,800 each; seventy-five inspectors, at $1,700 each; seventy-five inspectors, at $1,600 each; an sixty-five inspectors, at $1,500 each; in all, $704,450. For per diem allowance of inspectors in the iield while actually Hwa traveling on official business away from their homes their official domiciles, and their headquarters, at a rate to be fixed by the Postmaster General, not to exceed $3 per day, $261,400. Pramkied, That the Postmaster General may, in his discretion, ·{~°T,§§,,, ,¤,,_ allow inspectors per diem while temporariy located at an%iplaee on •¤°••· business away from their homes or their esignated dorm es for a period not exceeding twenty consecutive days at any one place, and make rules and regu ations governinglfhe foregoing provisions relating to per diem: And providedjurlher, at no per diem shall be paid to unwinspectors receiving annual salaries of $2,000 or more, except the twenty-sit inspectors receiving $2,100 each. For compensation to clerks at division headquarters, fifteen at h_‘;‘,•;=:n••;`°"**°¤ $1,600 each; eleven at $1,400 each; twenty-seven at $1,200 each; eight at $1,100 each; thirteen at $1,000 eac ; and six at $900 each; min, lagglooliii t ‘ r wh t di all T, ,*3 *··•· •*·— ¤~ or rave e nseso ms corswr ou per em owance, " inspectors in cgargc and the Cl11I;$(?0St-0mCG inspector, and expenses incurred by inspectors not covere by per diem allowance, rmusual and extraordinary expenses nec y incurred for maintenance by ins tors over and above per diem allowance while traveling on oiiildizsl business in connection with the postal service of Alaska, and for the traveling expenses of two clerks performing stenographrc and clerical assistance to post-ofice inspectors m the mvestrgatron of im rtant fraud cases, $41,400. _ _ Frir livery hire incurred by inspectors not covered by per diem U"! 1****- allowance, including livery hiro in connection with the installation and inspection of rural routes, $45,000. _ _ _ For necessary miscellaneous expenses at division headquarters, ¤¤¤=¤¤·¤•°¤· 7,500. _ _ S For pagment of rewards for the detection, arrest, and conviction ¤·••¤¤¤¤· ¤¤= of post-o ce burglars, robbers, and highway mail robbers, $15,000: Promded, That 0 the amount herein apprrgpriated not to exceed mom. $5,000 may be expended, in the discretion of e Postmaster General, usa. for the purpose of securing information concerning violations of the postal laws and for services and information looking toward the apprehension of criminals. 4 87618°-vcr. 37-rr 1-52