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SIXTYZSECOND CONGRESS Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 823 Beaufort Harbor, North Carolina, with a view to mei;} . Nmhoamuna. g:aI¥°l<;ttuming basm and anchorage area in front of Illia town of Manteo Bay, North Carolina, inclu its a roaches and extendmgto theupperlimitsof thetowndlrllgllanteopll ’ ` Newport River North Carohna, from its mouth to the head of nalvxrggtron, orb as farFas mg be ‘ o ape ear 'ver, o Carolina, for a distance of "’°T‘;§%° ""‘°i·“"..‘i¥°¤H“‘i?;1”L*?t°· ,.,..,, n rver, o aro a view to ° ‘ of twelve feet from Newborn to l’ol]ocl:svi1le. P · depth Thoroughfare Bai, North Carolina, from Core Sound to Cedar Bag negr the mo; Pamlico Sound. emroeCree aro` mitsmouth to theUnited· States I•‘1sh_Station. _ ’ up C Ch§el of Little Peedee River at Williams Landing, South S°¤¤·¤•~¤¤• aro . Santee River South Carolina. . Jeremy South Carolina, from Morrisons Wharf to Morrisons Bridge, with a view to providing a depth of four feet and a width of sixty feet. Ginland waterway from Beaufort, South Carolina, to Savannah, Génrggd waterway from Charleston, South Carolina, to Savannah, Fgii- Brunswick Harbor, Georgia, with a view to securmg' increased °•·¤¤¤ "°5“" ‘i§f"‘t§‘”°‘· S. F C. rr. as ig an , or raven e , t connecting fo of the Savannah River at Savannah,r&orgia. ' Generals Cut, near Darien, Georéia. _ _ Samt Marys R.1ver, Georgia, wi a view to obtaining a depth of twen?-two feet from deep water at its junction with Cumberland germ fp said river to the western corporate limits of the city of amt arys. . Savannah Harbor, Georgia, with a view to providing an adequate turning basin. _ _ Savannah River from Savannah to Augusta, Georgia, with a view to securing increased depth of channel. _ Savannah River at and above Augnilsta, Georgia. _ Channel to East Pass from Apalac 'cola River Florida, by way of *""‘“ Crooked Channel with a view to providing suitable ship channel. Canal from Saint Johns River Florida, to Lake Beresford with a view to making a cut-06 from the river to Lake Beresford near De Land River landing. _ _ Clearwater Harbor and Big Pass, Florida, with a view to securing a channel with suitable dep and width from the Gulf of Manco to a int at or near the town of Clearwater. _ _ llgarbor at Tampa, Florida, with a view to securing increased depth and width in the channel from the Gulf of Mexico Tampa and Hillsboro Bays to the head of the estuary in the city of ampa. Hillsboro River, Florida, betwerm the Tampa Electric Company‘s - dam and Crystal Springs. Key West, Florida, for a harbor of refuge and a safe anchorage for vessels. · _ Ochlockonee and Crooked Rivers, Florida. Crooked Channel Florida. . _ Mosquito Inlet, Florida, with·a· view to securing a chamié `with suitable depth and width from the Atlantic Ocean to a point at or near the town of New Smyrna. _ . Inland waterway from Pensacola Bay, Florrda, to Mobile Bay, Alabama. Alabama. · 87613°—-von 37-—rr 1——54