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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 825 Saint Louis River Minnesota and Wisconsin with a view to re- m¤¤¤••>¤~ dredging the artificial channel in said river- from, the f terse Islands near Fond du Lac to Dubray Creek. out of P6 n Red Lake, Minnesota, with a view to providing suitable harbor facilities at or near Redby, or at such other point or points on the lake as maiobe desirable. _ _ _ Har r_of Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a view to increased harbor facilities, mcluding a turmng basin. Channel of Illinois River at Meredosia, Illinois. numn. Little Calumet River, Illinois and Indiana, from the junction up to rnasma Blue Islandih C1 Missouri 'ver at Kansas 'ty, Kansas: The rovision of the river K""“ and harbor Act_approved July twenty-fifth, nlheteen hundred and M£i>iifiii:¤ii°° °l twelve, authorizing prelimiuai§ examination and survey of Missouri ..i*’°""‘°’ ‘”"°°' River, from_the mouth of the ansas River to a point at or near the western limits of Kansas City, Kansas, is hereby amended so as to read as follows_: "Missouri River, from the_mouth of the Kansas River to a point m_E¤{gL¤¤°¤¤* ¤¤¤- at or near where the west lme of Kansas City, Kansas, extended, intersects the Missouri River." ` Berkeley Harbor, California, with a view to the development and °‘""""‘“‘ completion of the Berkeley inner harbor. Feather River, California, from its mouth up to Marysville with a view to deepening and straightening the channel and to determining what other improvements are necessary in the interests of navigation, consideration einghgiven to any proposition for cooperation on the part of State or other local intermts. Colorado River, California and Arizona, with a view of developing and improving naviglaltion. Inner channels of umboldt Bay, California. Napa River, California, with a view to making the necessary cutoffs, consideration being given to any tender of cooperation on the part of local interests. _ _ Harbor of refuge at Point Arena, or other localizy on the Pacific coast between San Francisco_and Humboldt Bay, alifornia. San Leandro Bay, California, with a view to establishing at West San Leandro a deep-water channel to San Francisco Bay, Mokelumne River, California, at and between the junctions of the North and South Forks thereof, and the junctions of the North Fork thereof with Snodgrass Slough, and the gunctions of said North Fork of said river and said slough with the acramento River. Alsea Bay and bar, n. or¤•¤¤- Grays Harbor bar, Was on. Nehalem Bay and River, on, including any plan for cooperation on the art of local interests. W`illapa Ifarbor and the bar entrance thereto. Snohomish River, Washington. - W•·¤i¤¢'¤¤ Stilaguamish River, Washington. _ Lake River, including Bach ors Slough, Washington. Coeur d’Alene River, Idaho. _ _ num. The Apoon Mouth of the Yukon River, Alaska, from the improve russia ment now under way to deep water. __ Kalihi Harbor and Channel, Honolulu, Hawaii: _ sins Sec. 3. Thatin all caseswhere preliminary examinations and surveys b,}}§§·>*° °¤ ¤****•· are authorized a preliminary examination of the river, harbor, or other proposed improvement mentioned shall first be made and a report as to the advisability of its improvement shall be submitted _ a survey or estimate is ergnessly directed. If utpon suclépreliminary ,°|§$*r{$_;}h*¥{m¤°`§§:¤ examination the propose improvement is not eemed visable, no further action shall be taken thereon without the further direction of