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826 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Stn. III. Ch. 144.- 1913. . . lh.]! ch d ·.»»»°“"Z;’· "°" “ "' °°“g'°",m‘ mb`? ’.';°h°Qi“: $1; and §•:•l;=l·°¤r:‘g¤i¤t¤‘l¤mb¤ WW . 11¤pI’0V_ .1 , . . . Sm IS

  • ‘°°°'““‘§,,,° **5 ‘t,.‘§,"°"""..i.,,.,.‘*’.,.‘:f iL"?.1‘T.Z.?““?.$?e§.1?°te be $$5 maiiue
 °‘ 3:* “"‘ °‘*,,]"°“,,,,"““¥, ‘°,,..*’°...,, '°t.¥;,°"°"$,;..,ii‘  ;`2k$t?;$€¤'t“"»“"£

""""°‘ wntuning 'm workshouldbe rosecuted:Pr0vE¢lcdTl1¤li ¤"""‘Aw¤‘:'§”?'·: N tha nrt: to (bngrug, in allldition full infol'Ilm¤0¤ ovregardmgery Pothe rment and prospective commercial of tht;

*,,,,,,,°°'°*¥:§,",’{§.,2.?",,'i2.‘“.§i ‘§.?p“r;?$?Q‘3f¤$,“mnn?QJf°¤¥ta

_ suchdataasitmaybopnotieabletosecuremregardto the Wmg _‘l\;•ém¤{·g_•¤¤ °¤•·" sulzgcllggia egingmee a of ¤¤¤»»¤¤1¤=¤ terminal and tramfer hes oonilguous _ . _ Pom,] ‘ if water teunmak have been wu gtnructed, tltlla o1:~d’¤criptio13 éaEid_use madlecirfhgrhgn withanopinionasto theiradequacym ¢¤¤¤¢y»W '. bliotummablu beenoonstrncted orxfthey ·‘ii¥•°f$'·`+$'°°"""°"° ::,°.qe.Ifte°a°i.Pn¤mss·° , there shallcbe needed in the report an opinion infgtiieral twang gn: necessity, g1:•l_;)P¤¤*•° location o esame,an ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤1‘y _ hmm' gh t f mmeme. _ _ _— W•**{‘P°" "'°*‘ (b) uzhzim of water power for industrial "' ° d commercial . other eomncted an I mech bg prgpg-ly conymcliod With Buch queen (¤) Sud! °€b°`*’ . ” ml . . md { these P~v¢•¤~ 't:Pvmnded,Thatmthemves$ataouands_yo °°°Nm°¤&°£¤l:liih consideration shall be given 0 _ _ to their ¤POIl the n•Vk•¤¤¤ q . im rovement of navigation to the possilnhty and demrabihty of their beigg coordinated in a and per manner with improvements for navigation to lmserlnglbe cost ogrguch improvements and to comensate the Government for expenditmes made m the mterest_ of iiavigation, and to their relation to the development and regulation '“'”“§';§‘_°§,,°' °" of commerce: Pmvidedfurther, That the investigation and study of m°"° these questions may, upon review by the_Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors when called for as provided by law, be extended to any work of imprgvegenltgnndler and to any ocahtly the ezrarlnicnaticnandsurveyo w c as ere orebeen,ormay ereaf , orized' b Congress. d..';i"'.,g"§$ '°"°"' °"i1i1 re rtg on examinations and surveys_ may be grepared l during th: recess ofbCo1;gre1ss§ll;al% mtthe diacretion os tlgha fo ofWar,beprinted yte u c rmeras ocumen 0 - ‘ f C _ ¤¢*i¢*<·***¤¤*•·*=¥ ·l?uT(l1at cell reports on examinations and surveys authorized gi°#d¤°:¤E1°g:$e$»{°r b law shall be reviewed by the Board of Engineers for Rivers and "°‘· *‘·*’· m Ilrarbois as provided for in section three of the river and harbor not approved .guu§dthirtgenth, mnstieefi hurgilregigicndttwo, ?ng1alLip§;:1g% rts o ess a,m e reiono e 1_ F¤··¤¤**=¤**°¤¤ ‘°’ Ego` eeg. liu reviyiswedrltigirn like manner by said board; and the said me and House glu - • — giiiimna-es, ece board shall! algg, on reqplest by resalhigion gi the Con111%1tte;;o11 (grint te e 1 on vers an ar rs o e Erm oof Ifile rlegentgltives, submitted to the · Chief of Engineers, P examine and review the report of auiy examination or survey made pursuant to any Act or resolution o Congress, and regort thereon Pmuu through the Chief of Engineers, _United Statm Army, w o shall subewpeompom um- mit his conclusions thereon am in other cases: Promded, That m no “" case shall the board, in its r?ort thus called for by committee_reso— lution, extend the scope of the project contemplated m the original report upon which its examination and review has been requested. or in the provision of law authorizing the original examination or