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SIXTY—SECOND ooncmrss ssa III. cs.1-44. isis. 827 survey: further, That said board shall consist of seven mem- ’°'“’°'°"'°'**- g<:{:;16•i·ma]onty of whom shall be of rank not less thin lieutenant •¤f°‘"`m'm°“' Sec. 5. That section five of the river and harbor Act a` rovcdi R*“' •“° WW July twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, be, and thopslime is mzieliktm, mess. herpévy, tspsas to reird asffollows: °°‘ mo. . Secretary o War is authorized and directed to °"““’,.,_d,,,,"‘*'““°"*'°' have prepared transmitted to Congrms at the earliest practicable :*%g•¤¤¤¤;“”m` date a compilation of reliminary examinations, surveys and appropriation for works ori river and harbor im rovement similar . in general form_ and subject matter to that wgich was repared m accordance the Act of June thirteenth, nineteen `rhundred votszdrm, and two, and printed m House Document Numbered Four hundred and twenty-one, Fifty-seventh Congress, second session: Provided Prww. That thereport to_be prepared in accordance with this provision shall ¤ir°c$§°°§;‘°§L°° °“° °' be a_rev1sed edition of the rgport printed in the document above mentioned, extended to the en of the Sixty-second Congress" Sec. 6. That the first paragraph of section six of the river audniirmr ""I """°‘ harbor act approved July twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, “,j**·P·¤» movibe, and the same is here y, amended so as to read as follows: {Sec. 6: _That there shall be three thousand copies of a ,,,%°'“,,_,.P‘},g}*j’_¤¤*{_}*¤ revised edition of the laws of the sited States relatingto the un rove- gpm re mega dri ment of rivers and harbors passed between and including I `t 1>%rrn¤r eleventh, seventeen hundred and ninety and the close of thelihirsd session of the Sixty-second Congress, of which six hundred copies shall be for the use of the Senate, one thousand four hundred copies for the use of the House, and one thousand copies for the use of the War Deplartment. Said compilation shall be printed under the direction of the Secretary of War. ’ Sec. 7. That where irparate works or items are consolidated in this .¤xiii.°t°Z'&°3§,§'{ °°"‘ or subsequent river harbor Acts and an agipaate amount is appropriated therefor the amounts appropriated s , unless otherwise expressed, be expended in securing maintenance and improvement according to the respective projects adopted by Congress, after giving due regard to the respective needs of trafiic. The allotments to the respective works consolidated shall be made by the Secretary of War upon recommendations by the Chief of Engineers. In case such works or items are consolidated and serilarate amounts are given with each project, the amounts so named sha be emnded upon such separate plrojects unless, in the discretion of the retary of War, another otment or division should be made of the same. Any ,,,*§,‘{.,“,‘$ $';,‘;'{,°j’ °° balances remaining to the credit of the consolidated items shall be carried to the credit of the respective aggregate amounts appropriated for the consolidated items. _ _ commmom in fu _ Sec. 8. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to receive thennce or payee;. from private parties such funds as may be contributed lg them to be ‘“"*°"”°· expended in connection with funds appropriated by the nited States for any authorized work of public improvement of rivers and harbors, whenever such work and expenditure may be considered by the Chief of Engineers as advantageous to the interests of navigation. Sec. 9. That in the preparation of tpgojects under this and subse· dig*};‘;}§,{,“;gg*;*é‘;¤d uent river and harbor acts, unless o 1-wise expressed, the channel depths referred to shall be rmderstood to signify the depth at mean lower low water in tidal waters, and the mean depth during the month of lowest water in the navigation season in rivers and nontidal channels, and the channel dimensions specified sha1l_ understood to admit of such increase at the entrances, bends, sidmgs, and turning places as ma be necessary to allow of the free movement of boats. Sec. 10. That the provisions of river and harbor Acts heretofore Pmsecssmccseu. passed providing for the prosecution of the work of improvement of