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828 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ons. 144, 145. 1913. th followmg‘ -named localities are hereby repealed and any amounts heiietofore appropriated for projects andndt for the payment of outstanding ohhgistrons mcmred m connection therevyith ghallbettzzarnedto themrp frmdof the’I‘reasnrryof theUnited ' tots `t: _wg=¤¤<>¢•¤ mw- River, Washington. _ rt ¤'¤¤ °¤m¤ mw- Pond Oreille River Wahington. mnt * V W¤¢*•!,·,I·¤¢, ,={·¤¤· Src. 11. That the p riation of sscooc rovided in the river msbliemir enginggs and harbor Act apsrhgeldogune twenty·£fth, hundred and °°{,‘·R‘§,"‘,,_m_ terntowsaythe andexxensmoftliehoardofengineers appoin under said ct to consider and report upon the feasibilitglof a waterway m Lockport, Illinois, to the mouth of the Illinois 'ver, and related matters,_is hereby made available for

 other $11111  rom Novem   

hundredandten,untilthednties,ofsaidboardshal1liavebeen completed andfinal report subrmtted to Congrem. Approved, March 4, 1913. "e.'%‘¤&‘t · r..°?5l'.£.‘;’.;.?""»..,*°‘ ‘».t..r°'“‘° °°.*I§‘““°“tt.,.‘ °f.**"°“‘“T’° tPnNh=.N · · IMM Bcitmact¢d_by the8endemndIlouuof Repreeentztice•oftl•e‘Us•ited g§,‘2§{‘ {§,§,f,‘,,{,’$ States of rimericain G'ongru•aeeembled,'l'hatthefollovings1u¤sbe, - andthe6arehereby,appropriated,outof•siy*moneyin theTreasury of the nited States not otherwise agpmpnated, in full compensation for the iiscal year ending June `eth, nineteen hundred and fourtem, for the purposes an objects hereinafter expressed, namely: DEPAR'l'MEN'1‘ OF AGRICULTURE. ,1**,*, °* ¤·°*°*•¤· Sanaams, Oimcm or rim Snoaaraar or Aomouuuaa; ta olefin. elk- 8°um°r' of {Agriculture, $12,000* Assistant Secretary of Agrieulture§°(;ls(i00l13`s; mimics, $5,000; chief clerk, $8,000, and $500 additional as custodian of buil ;pnvate secretary to the Secret of Agriculture $2 500· gtenograp er and executive alerkbtso the gyecretary of Agriculture; $2,250; private eecretari to e istant Secret f ult , $1,600; stenographer to the Assistant Secretary of .·{lgyri¢l)ultl11igr•{-ltgl ,41013 ; one appointment clerk, $2,000; one chief of sup ly division, $2,000; ”“" “°°° g;?hlimsik*l;0v;’cl§i'ks50h2I$;l;o‘0cd§;l(i,lmlibx-l?1ivml01&w$;lgl?|0s’qtllzlfoo , , , ; c e , ;e1g aw clerks, at $2,000 each; four law clerks, t $1,800 h ; thre I 1 at $1,600 each; one special agent on gxhibits, gow; oiile lil: maksli and telephone operator, $1,600; three clerks, class four; six cldrgs class three; nine clerks, class two; eighteen clerks, class one· eight clerks, at $1,000 each; six clerks, at $900 each; one clerk '$840· m¤g;¤g¤g¤¤· <=¤s¤- fourteen messengeis or laborers, at $840 each; ten assistant messengers ’ or- laborers, at $720 each; one chief engineer, $2,000- one assistant chief engineer, $1,400; one assistant engineer, $1 200: two assistant engiciieetig, at tig? each; seven firemen, 813 $720 each; eight elevator con uc is, a 0 ; t ` . ,,tt..,mn.m. or arptattr§Z“§t°€$t*6‘°$§Z‘£,‘i‘$,%°'iT.°ifi;,§2,;i‘§’t?’;,.”§$

1;,het£ :g,;ggiuo;1ch; eight cabinetmakers or carpenters, at

s —* 1 OTS 8.l'p6n . electrician, $1,100; one Ql60¢d08l)rWl;l%m&Dt;0r:l,3g0?9:))l(:0c:l:g10hI'l;I;`l I wircman, $900; two elcctriciarfs helper-S, at $720 each; two Paintom at $1,000 each; two amters, at $900 each; five plumbers or steani litters, at $1,020 each; one plumber’s helper, $840; two plumber’s