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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. IH. Ch. 145. 1913. 831 laborers, or laborers, at $720 each; twenty-three messengers m senger boys, or laborers, at $480 each; sixy rs or m I asboys, at $360 each; one skilled laborer $1,000; y-three sg ed laborers, at $900 each; two skilled laborers at $840 each; seven skilled laborers, at $720 each; one skilled laborer or laborer, $780; two laborers or messengers, at $660 each; nine laborers, messengers, or messengnr boys, at $600 each; three laborers, messengers or messenger ys, at $540 each; one watchman, $720; one charwoman, $600; one charwoman, $540; eleven charwomen, at $480 each; four charwomen at $360 each; one charwoman, $300; two charwomen, at $240 each; in all, $359,250. Gnrmnar. nzrrnusss, Burman or Armnr. Irmusrrrrz For carrying °°"°"'°""“'°°'· out the provisions of .the Act a roved May twenlxlninth, eyrteen v°]‘ ”* "· ”· hundred and eighty-four, es a Bureau of imal In ustry, and bh0J)1'QVlS10l1S of the Act agproved March third, eighteen hun~ v°1‘"·’·”“· dred an mnety-one, providing or the safe transport and humane treatment of export cattle from the United States to fo ° coun— tries, and for other purposes; the Act approved Augu v°"°*’““‘· 6IghtA0l1.hUDdI0d and ninety, providing for the importation oi animals mto the United States, and for other urposes; and the provisions of the Act of May ninth, nineteen Kundred and two, v°l‘°·““'· extending the inspection of meats to process butter, and providing for the inspection of factories, marking of packages, and so forth; and the provisions of the Act approved Fe mary second, nineteen v°1‘”**"”‘ hundred and three, to enable e Secretary of Agriculture to more effectually suppress and prevent the spread of contagious and infectious diseases of live stock, and for other purposes; and also the v,,,¤_m·,_ provisions of the Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and ve, to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to establish and maintain quarantine districts, to permit and regulate the movement of cattle and other live stock therefrom, and for other purposes: Provided, qwuiarm regula- That hereafter all the revisions of the sand Act approved March *“”"¤*•¤°•¢ third, nineteen hundredp and five, shall apply to any railroad company or other common carrier, whose ro or line forms any part of a route over which cattle or other live stock are transported rn the course of sbipament from any quarantined State or 'ltemtory of the District of lumbia, or from the quarantined portion of any State or-.Terr·itor§ or the District of Columbia, into any other State or Territory or the District of Columbia; and for carrying out the ,,,,,,,,_,,,,,,,_,,,,,_ provisions of the Act of June twenty-ninth, nineteen and V¤1-••.r>-•*¤- six, entitled "An Act to prevent cruelty to_animals while in transit by railroad or other means of transportatron/’ and to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to collect an disseminate mformatron con- ,,,,°,['_‘§,,_“"' ‘“'°”'“’ cerning 've stock, dairy, and other animal products; to prepare and disseminate reports on animal mdustry; to emploi an pafy from the appropriation herein made as many persons m e eng o Wash- V ingtonorelsewhereashema deemnecessary;tqp_ mthe.r¤s&r¤¤rm.r¤m., open market samfples of all tuberculm , serums, antrtonns or analo— °“= gone products, o foreign or domestic manufacture, which are sold in the United States, or the detection, prevention, treatment, or cure of diseases ofdomestic annuals, to test the same, and to disseminate the results of said tests in such manner as he may deem ,,m,,¤_ aww best; to purchase and destroy diseased or ammals or quar- ¤¤¤,m.,¤u¤s»us antine the same whenever in his judgment essential to prevent the · spread of pleuropneumonia, tuberculosis, or other diseases of ammals from one_State to` another, ps follows; _ _ L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,, qui,. For inspection and quarantme mcluding all necessary mem work. _ expenses for the eradicatiem of scabresm and cattle, the msplzc- V°L’*· PN'- tion of southern cattle, the supervmion of the tnnsgzrtatron of e stockand the insgecionof venels, the execution of twenty-e:ght-