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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. HI. Ch. 145. 1913. 835 $1 500; for field and station expenses, inclu ° fences drains and ¤¤**¤¤*'*¤¤¤*¤¤· other farm IIDPIOYOIDBDU; for re airs in ct'of Ooluinbia I°""°-L and elsewhere; for rent outside ofp the District of Columbia; and for the employment of allmvestigators, local and special agents, 'cultural explorers, experts, clerks, illustrators assistants, and ahgl-labor and other necessary expenses in the city of {Washington and elsewhere required for the mvestigations, experiments, and demonstrations heiem authorized, as fpllowsz or mvesl tiom 0 plant diseases, includmg' diseases of gims¤g' Mazen-; and pathologigcldl collections, $30,000; ‘ ° For the control of diseases of orchard andbther fruits, $40 675- ¤·¤v¤¤1.••·=..¤¤n¤ szggrthecontrolofdiseasesofforestandomamentaltreesandihrulas, '*`¤=¤•·¤¤·¤=¤¤~ 10· lilortlxecontrolofdiseasaofeotto tru and foragecro and °·**¤¤·¤¤•=*···¤

 $:25,032Ph fn: ck: _ Psi fonsecnma

ormvestigating piology o crop plants and for tes and cmp pim: phys. breeding vanetxq thereof, $33 380; _ _ _ _ ting °1°"'· For amidE'lant·nutr1tion mvmtigations, $30,000; ¢§_°” °•¤*¤**¤¤· For aechmatipation and ptation investigations of cotton, corn, Twain! vim-. ac and other crops introduced from tropical regions, and for the improve- °u'”°‘°°°”""°‘ melpt oglclottolrilgy cultural meltgiuods, breleldmg, and selection, $38,000 ; ¤¤•w¤¢¤1¤¤¤. or isonous t teac ture andgeneral 'olog— 1>r¤xp¤¤¤.•¤•.m ical and fegzgsntsitign invutigatiohs, $50,000;, Phi"` gorcrop technolegcal an img}.? invéstigaliiions, $101010; gixrvlmiam or mvestiga egmnmg, ° ,g·admg` an wra m-d,,°“. ,,j,l"'“"*¤- ping of cotton,ta1f1§ the estabhshment standards me '°°°` gra es thereof, and for c o effect the provisions of law

 thereto,_$46,120: , , That of the sum thus appro- .1-‘?:,,Y"_§’; ,,um,__

priate , $10,000 is to be used for testing the waste, tensile strength, and bleachig qualities of the different grades of cotton as standardizr-$1 by the overnmegt; h d { or invggtiggijpg t, g gndhpgy ° ’ gn tr nation 0 Grain handling, grain, and the fixing of definite ·eof, *865%) "“°°'°°°‘· For biophysical investigations in connection with the various lines ljgyinl mauof Fork hgrein autllioriz , $20,000; al md I ding h ° orstu ym’ gan testingcommerci s s, incu thetesting <>¤¤¤•¢<=¤ •••¤•. of sarptples of seeds of grasses, clover, or alfalfa and lawn·grass seeds "°°°'°°°‘ secur in the open market, and where such samples are fonmd to be adulterated or misbranded the results of the tests shall be published, together with the names of the persons by whom the seeds were offered for sale, $26.000; For the investigation and improvement of cereals and methods of 0•¤•¤• cereal production and the study of cereal diseases, and for the investi- _ gation of the cultivation an breeding of flax for seed purposes, ¤¤y¤¤¤v·¤¤¤· mcluding a study of iiax diseases $104,925: Provided/l'hat not less gag; mm than $30,000 shall be set aside fvor the study of corn improvement are ° °°" and methods of com production; For the investigation and improvement of tobacco and the methods mam pmdutuon, of tobacco production and handling, $31,630; "‘°· For the investigation and improvement of forage crops and methods Penn mm of Igorsge-crop prgdgction, $£;i%000; lm d th ms { ortes` an rous ta, in udmg` e tin o rape-manuulnnn {lax strawflixngcooperation with the Nolith Dakota Agricultural 0ol&e, which may be used for paper makigx, $10 840· _ For the breeding and p ysiologi study oi alkali·rmnstmt and me-n¤¤¤¤p. drought-resistant crops, 19,280; _ For the mvesugation and improvement of sugar-producing plants sugnpmamu; including their utilization and culture $38,595; · ’I‘“°‘ For investigations in economic and systematic botanig and the cmunguaoseee improvement and utilization of wild plants and grazing lan , $22,000 ;‘