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834 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Seas. III. Ch. 145. 1913. A¤*¤¤·"••·¤¤¤¤¤ Coorznarrvn nnnaunmrrs uc armnx. rnnmp mn mzmmme: °'°°°i”" For experiments in feeding and breeding, melud11;g cooperap tion with the State ag·1c¤ltiunl_expm1ment stations, m uding the repairs and eddiuons to and erection of bmldmgs absolutely necessary to carry on the experiments, and thepxperiments rn the breeding of horses for mihtary purposes, mcluding the employment of lahor in the citgupf W and elsewhere, rent grgagdgbgf the District ofoolum , an 0 hecassaryelpeuses, , - _ _ {;{}g:g;¤¤{¤>· Mnn msncnox, Bulzthau or Armnré For ,, ‘ "`upmgeei1;carrymg' out "onso emea 'onac o '°’·“·'”°"· June thirtieth, nineteen h l six (Thirty-fo£¥i(,(Statutes at Large, page six hundred and seventy-four), rs lrerebi am priated for the fiscal year ending June tlurtieth, mneteen un and fourteen the sum of $200,000. Total for éureau of Animal Industry, $2,031,196. ”:1m¤rI¤¤u•¤·y IN- BUREAU OF INDUSTRY. P•r·¤¤*¤·*¤*¤¤· Saunas Bunnu or Purrr Ixmuswarz One ysiolo t and "'°‘° ” ¤"°°°` thologistiwho shall be of bureau, $5,000;?<l;ne chg? clerk, $750; one executive assistant in seed distribution, $2,500· one officer in mot publications, $2,250; one landscape gardener $1,800* one o_ in of records, $2,100; one sizgtsndent of seed weighing and ‘ , $2,000; one executtve _ $2,250; three executive clerks, at $1,980 each; one assistant supermtendent of seed warehouse, $1,400; one seed mspector, $1,000; mne clerks, class four; eleven clerks, clams three; two clerks, at $1,500 each; seventeen clerks class two; fort ·nine cluks, class one; one clerk, $1,080; nine clerks, at $1,020 each; thirty-one clerks, at $1,000 each; fifty-one clerks, at $900 each; twen —four clerks, at $840 each; fifteen clerks at $720 each; twenty t messengers, or laborers, at $:3) each; eleven messengers, messegger boyabezr laborer? at $660 e ;twent messengersmessenger ys,or rers,at 600each; one artist, ${,620; one clerk or artist, $1,200; one assistant in illustrations, $840; one photographer, $1,400; one photographer $1,200; one photographer, $900; one laboratory ard, $1,440; one laboratory aid, $1,380; three laboratory ards, at $1,200 each; one laboratory aid, $1,080; two laboratory aids, at $1,020 each; Eve laboratory aids, at $840 each; eight laboratory ards, at $720 each; six laboratory aids, at $600 each; one laboratory apprentice, $720; twoma tracers, cmmmoa at $720 each; one map tracer, $600; two gardeners, at $1,1,40 each; four- gardeners, at $1,200 each; eight gardeners, at $1,100 each; Hf eners, at $900 each; nineteen gardeners, at $780 eachone ed laborer, $960; one skilled laborer, $900; three skilled laborers, at $840 each; one assistant in technology, $1,400; one assistant in technology, $1,380; one mechanical assistant, $1,200; one blacksmith, $900; one carpenter, $900; one ainter, $900; one

  ; onhgbatesrnster, $600; nineteen laborers, at $540

· e ; n -our rers,messenge1s,ormessengerbo at each; Eve laborers or charwomen, at $480 each; two l?bor·er§4?»?· charwomeznsztio $360 };aach;ht:vo laborers, Ig $420 each; eight chaiwomen, a eee ; exg memenger , at $360 each; three messenger boys, at $300 each; in all, $427,69% g=¤ Gnrmnar. nxrjnrwsss, Buanau or PLANT Iunusrar: For all necessaryexpenses1nthemvest1gation0f£ruits,fri1ittrees cotton tobacco, vetggltables, grasses, forage, drug, , fiber, and o plants and plant industries, in cooperation with other branches of the department, the State experiment stations and practical farmersdwand for the erection of necessary farm 1¤·••¤•¤- rovrdad, That cost of any building erected shall not exceed