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856 SIXTY~SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 146. 1913. · · of the Military taaktttt :_.?§.$;]£t“a;a?ai°$..'P.‘2rFt,‘¥'m°”ataa““’““;t'¥aZ.$@..l » sms, "puarae. No. ar.; 0 ¤’ P*¤’P°•°¤· _ · made; Semi; H gfdus United liilitary academy ggfgzgdqf the following surns 'be, mwpmum md tha sims an hereby, gppmprlalgod, gust of arg rppggwéthe Treasury t therwise appropriated, or t _ sup _ 0 ary Academyligr gba fiscal year ending June thrrtnstliiomnsteen hundred and fourteen. Permanent estab IB’ . lhhmnm. · pnzaoa. ee. F f professors, $25,500· eii$i*i2§.·i°..*=`*~·.1·*·*··; .·:·~·~ .. Q. .,0 e 0 e swo ; _ <>·¤=¤ Fg; of cadets, 8360,000: ,That the Prgrdant be, and ir"Z':'3Z`¤¤§;_r he is herelg, authorized to_reassemble the 00‘Il1't·lD8l'i¤I\i) or as many i.‘L"'i°b"g.¤a¤members ereof rgdpracucable, not less than the minimum pre- •~l¤¤- scribed by law w on sixteenth, mnetecn hundred and eleven, tt H. Freeland, Tattuall D. andJamesD. ,cadetsof the0o1§eofC•detsoftl•e_U _ States Military Academy at West Pomta ew York, for having violated on August fourth, nineteen hun and eleven, _ ph numbered one hundred andtgiw-two of of ?dsc|:(iindwrezixb:iiit·h.ocmdmyot1:e`?•‘;momdsddcdto}‘t: upon his or their applications to said court for reconsideration of the sentence; and upon such reconsideration the court rs authorized to construe said paragraph as not necessarily requiring a sentence of dismissal but as pcrrmtting a lesser punishment, as provided m ‘ ph numbered one hundred and forty-two of the current reguizions apptrgsved June nmz:3 hundred and ele{_¢&t?l¢; odify' ten rdmgl : provided flvlltor ···?>“"#=='T‘¤*¥*”"""' ‘“ {?.JZ‘s¤..·. be $5 r.‘i?.‘§2°;ety, .¥.a,e.a to carry auch sodas “‘2°"?¤°2.?¤'tZ?°¤';°“°°’ ’?.¤.."* °§2‘£fs¤’I‘}¥.“.Z“.2¥?i“.?.‘;‘$.*‘r?.‘£{.‘2’tam.."““‘*.1T} san e rems dm gonditions of’th% c:‘entéenu“ai$°:!§>proved by thai Pryllentz M*¤***•°•• ·Provided an e or ,remstateduner rowinmunmnml zisipns olfthis dot shall he additional to those otherwise authorised _lg_¤¤•r·•!¤¤¤¤·Ll1¥‘i•:xY'ex‘grca·‘payofoEicexsof theArmyondet•chedservice•tthe t sm : l•`o:r{>ay of eric commandant of cadets (lieutenant colonel), in adgition to pay as mgrjor, Sim; d _ f _ ro esso o rdnan an 0 gqmnery (lieutB!1:l;$P0;{0‘:1¢%l:(iDPlddlhl0Ilh toopay asc:najor,sc$?(?0°? For pay of one professor of law (lieutenant colonel), in addition to Y, $5003 · P¥o:sp;!y8i·ii one instructor of practical military engineering (major), in addition to pay as captain, $600; For Hg; of eleven assistant professors (captains), in addition to pav as lieutenants, $4,400; For psy of éwo battalion commanders (majors), in addition to pay as captains, 1,200; For pay of two senior assistant instructors of artillery tactics and Erézgniiggg engineering (captains), in addition to pay as first Forpy’of yninstruto f ,dr·till , d'f tactics (zaptainssgiein additign Itso 0 ayiaaisdrigcond ligni-eng..nts,m$4a,u9i)105; mgpr pay of one ad] utant, who shrill not be above the rank of captain,