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SIX'I‘Y·SECOND CONGRESS. Sas. III. Ch. 146. 1918. 855 For cooperation with any State or group of States in the protection °°°*"•**°¤“,,_ °'¤•'· {,*:;.¤:..%:.·.:$..*b·;.%.·.*;·m::*m’·:.·!.· §} "‘°""“’..r...».“°"1...°’...¤...¤"‘° s‘·i·’···==···‘=·······-···*"‘ d elev entitled "An Act to enable an Stateto cooperate with V°'·'°·P·’°'- gy otihg State or State? or with Eltlatas, for protection watersheds o navigable ams, appom a com- · t na rivers, , : any · s·:·*`·*··..-‘,...··1..&.*··* rm 3;.**..;;* ‘**·"··¥°:.*.;“·.0x“sr;:·;e.2 °s.·.·:*"·= W, and LII? unused {dance of the sum of $200,000 heretofore appropriated mmm lg the Act of huridrdll and eleven, e Secretary o Agncu carry ou _ men on m 'd ti tw,.remammg" dedJl Est, 'eteenhndred

  • 34 ;'»‘i%Zf.‘.., .3..u .r.`1‘$`2.§$. mm? {ae ..u'i.‘?q.. ath ya.

ninettgedn hundred and fifteen for the purpose for which it was appr`. ‘ Pniehatisection nine of the Act of-March first, nineteen htmdred and ,§,`f'$;,_"’*"°"‘· ' tu mne an -one , ¤ - . r. . eleven(Tlurty-s|xthSta tes page ‘ hundred dsixty )v¤H¤• ••= entitled “An. Act to enable any State to cooperate with any other State or States, or with the United States, for the protectgon of the ‘ watersheds of ble atleams, andcfto appoint a ctgmmission tho; acquisition of or urpose comerving e navigabrh ` bl "beameu<i•;dtoreadasfollovm: ZZ;"`*'%‘..:°.·?·.L·Y··°“·*<=¢r·~i··.·;.··y ts U..u¤:.;.%.~;.~ M in ···· ·:·..t W M ea suse o ees or _ way, easemen reservti hich fromtheirnaturewillintlxeopinionoitlie — Natiorialolgzg; Reservation Comgnision and the Secretary of Agnculture innomannerinterferewiththeuseof thelandssoerrcnxm- _ bered, {or the pur·poses of the Act; Provided, That sucfho right; of way, P'°"'°Rm,,;,,:&_ ,5 ii°?r12a°!gi$r;uie;€.i$l;li13:ssi.°iumi»;dsrl:i§et¤ii°tZwtiigrrme:°alvd ‘§”°.g..¤..° ··*~‘°‘ .m . v . .. . ‘

:.1.*:;:.§;°2;¢:y.°d‘.A¤¤°**i..m..2‘:°_.;, ?.:’..*‘*.;>.*.;.;.*:*..z·}.r:at;:~_.:

an regulationsshall beexpressedinand eparto ewnt ' trument veymg' title to the lands to the United States; and the 3, occupaziolii, and operation of such rights of way, easements, and reservations be under, suggest to, and in obedience with the m1·F°L:€`{1hZ°i»` Ti gg States shall apgint a commission ,,,$,?§'L°,‘:§X,F.,§§',§,‘!` composed of not more than seven persons who serve without hggg¤_{;é>{:L;¤;f,,°*° compensation to coo rate with the American commrssnorrassexnhled ,•;_.a*sa¤¤{°¤ under the auspices cfptlie Southern Commercial Congress to investigate "‘ · and study in European countries cooperative lan _-mortgage bgukq, cooperative rural credit unions, and similar organizations and metrtutions devoting their attention to the promotxou of agriculture and the betterment of rural conditions, and for the purpose of its mvqsti nvm- “‘“““‘i£“ "“°£i{"“'”’?‘£L‘ “i"*" '°° °“"'E’“’*"’,,...‘° ‘?.?$.."£i‘€,—".'I£'§?v"..Z`¤. G‘l'l· OBLG 0 1 C AHTDBD SIIC GX _ ‘ ilrigtgn :11% elsewhere for the payment of the salanm of employ¤G¤» clerks, stenographers, assistants and such gther num goiqnhme Pmth mmjgg; essa : , 9 Q, “‘ ‘ 2?.,2.Z‘t...3¥..$“.if,;.l;§.L;)?.¥.,¤ .3} .,;1éh. ...1.. of $25% ·*··· A d th 'd ` mit a rt ongress as ear glsactichgld gihbodyiri? the rzults of investigations and such recommendations as it fit to make. _ Total carried by this ill for the Department of Agriculture, $17,986,945. Approved, March 4, 1913. B7618°-von 37-rr 1--66