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66· SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. H. Cue. 40-42. 1912. . portion of its and by canal and tunnel to conduct same " across the Nariggws from pgnt of said Big Bendto the said river ' eeessary tri wer urposes. °°'**'°°‘*°"·'“· ag'·f1l1ie8¢:lon-Erxuctixi-ii, ancdpgperagon of the dam herein authorized, aswell :·: the determination of the rights and obligations under the permission granted hereby, be, in all respects, m voue, p.¤. accordance with and 'subject to the provisions of the Act approved June twenty-third, nineteen hundred and ten, entitled An Actto amend an Act entitled ‘An Act to relgulate the construction of dams ° across nésvigable waters} approved une twenty—iirst, mneteen hun· _ °“""°'“”· · S1:¤.f12.m'.l¥•hat the privilege granted shall cease and be determined unless the actual construction of the aforesaid dam is commenced within one year and completed within three years from the date of ap revel of this Act. _ _ """"" 3. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act m whole or in part is hereby expressly reserved. Approved, February 17, 1912. _ ..,,.,..°”’2§ G.*‘,..·‘,...‘*“It$°..Ti.’.“§§’.;.°'.§.”°,.."‘° "‘“‘° Publi, Os Bcitenadedbyth¢SenateandHmu¢ Representatives the United g'§§,,,"$*_l$'f",.., State: of America in Ooqyrzes ascembled?fThat the city efoj-Chicago, in zgggggggmw the county of Cook an State of Illinois a municipal corporation organized nmder the laws of the State of Illinois, be, and it is hneby authorized to construct, maintdn and te a bascule and approaches thereto across the Calumet giver, at a point suita le to _ mterwts of navigation, at N`mety-second Street, in said city in V°L ’*· 1* °*· accordance with the revisions of the Act entitled ‘ ‘An Act to ripiate the construction of {ridges over navigable waters," approved areh twe.nty-third, nineteen hundred and six. _ .

  • ¤¤¤*¤·¤*- Src. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. Approved, February 17. 1912. `

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[mum, se. sv.] Ilhnem. . Bc·it enactedlrytheSermtcandHmn R ¢heU·itcd g§g¤g·g§*gg· me Smeg of America in Congress t the IY:frgfShorenand glcgigan c?:xbem Michigan Southern Railway Company a co ration doing business m}, ,,‘,Y,$€E_ ,, $5; under the laws of the State of Illinois, be, angig is hereby, authorized °¤¤¢¤· to construct, maintain, and eéperate a bascule bridie, and approaches thereto, across the Calumet iver, at a point suita le to the mterests of nav1gation at South Chicago, Illinois to take the place of the existing bridge new being operated by said company across said river aloniits present right of way, in accordance with the provisions of veu4.p.u. the ct,_ent1tled "An Act to late the construction of bridges 3::5 nagigahle waters," approverde§iareh twenty-third, nineteen hunan six. Amendment Src. That etge right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby Approved, February 17, 1912.