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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sasa. III. Ch. 14.8. 1913. 897 V For 35161 ho•ping to the muizlo eight-inch forty·caliber Mark “¤*¤¢· ¤°·=-· vm For *‘····I#'*st··*:;‘;.s··· “°° mr. V or m v k 65 000. Ammunition or ships of the Navy: For producing, pre- -*¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤= ¤+ serving and handling ammunit.ion for issue to ships, $3,850,000 to M be available until expended. fitgonrnnons situ the purchase and manufacture p,,'§j’¤,,'P;’°¤ ·¤•* •¤> o rpedoes an appliances, , . Monnnmzum·u.r:s: For rebanding tiles and fit} ‘ ,¥,¤•*¤‘··¤¤¢,, lonlg points, and other changes as required, $15%T3l)l)¢E · j W ommno sranox, Nnwronr, Rnom: Iannm: For labor and ma- "°*P•°¤ •¤¤¤· s ax. terial; general care of and repairs to grounds, buildings, and wharves; mm · boats, instaictiosgb ixtruments, tools, experiments, and general toiipedo ou ts, , . slscargxpew and improved machinery and tools for torpedo factory,

, Bmzzau or Onnumczz For experimental work in ¤v·¤¤¤¤¤¤v<¤¤·

the develo ment of armorjpiercing and other proLectiles, fuses, pow- "F”’ ""' ’1;‘5I’.i°"i...*"2’“"Z‘1“* "i§.°.'&”r‘2.°Z‘°? "“" "’°g..'“““·"*£.i°...-“‘,,“°t‘iiE o armor wi an mc a various m purchase of armor, powder, projectiles, and fuses for the above pur- ` "°$’ “‘hdr°‘ "}i.“°°°“°...,,...""...”‘“‘°F" iZ"}..L"°'a‘5 °°““°°“i°° '“}‘°{f‘. wi ;an oro er enta wor er coguizanceo Burem;10§ ce in poénineacgtgon with the development of ordnance · mate or e a’vy 2 . Anrnlmc nm nqurriime Navar. Mmrrn: For arms, accouterments l'P§°li¤:g%°`•q¤ip “{”“*"’”°“a "fiff’§.2L2"“* ,€`&$};h"’“°‘2§ {?5..,·°‘°““’i'?»*?. °`$*“ ’· "L c otlnng an or o tion, ex, enses in connelzzltgon with the organizing and training of the Naval lgilitia of the various §tates, Territories, and the District of Columl$1.,;1nder0sg1ch regulations as the Secretary of the Navy may ' , 125,0 . ‘ pnllsglrlaras, Bmmau or Onmuxon: For necessary repairs_to ord- 1******* {Enos buildings, magazines, wharves, machinery, and other items of ° haracter, $30,000. _ (gcivrmemwr, Buamv orf gsaxgnz For pniscellaneous atoms, °°"““*"“‘· l:Car ,expenseso tan waters magazmesan sa-

2::; {ella, ftjrngpage, technical books, and incidental expenses attending inspection of ordnance material, $9,500.

sunnau or rsommmmz ,,.,,'.‘}{”“ °' F"""’ Eqmrumvr or v¤ssm.s: For hemp; wire, iron, and other materials ngmpm M N- fo;(?ie manufpcture o{1cordt;ge, :}nch:lxisi>¢;;ab1es,r§alleys,8:nd cbaémsg ‘ ‘ reo s so lgir ar:luf1?eI:a8cgr1i1;I;e1tlictioa1i?ca1ivas for the of sails, awnings, hammocksa and other wtgk; stapitglilery for chaplaéiizs and 21; mmand' na`t' ocerso peequmen flioers_ gliore andmflgft, an§;€':>rut.§e use pftcourts; osiii , - · , In EXC 0 YPGWID 0I' I _ Krhggal andrt?n?`;?·;;_ortation ¢§?p,s from ships of war; xnteiihrg :l;;};l5 ildmgs m na yards

zumolies firma? qusrters; aviatioiriutiits; and for the

urchase ofpsl other articles of equipment at home aud abroad, and is *·*·· Mm: 0* *:1::* *·.mm*·¤m¤.:s·;.*°‘21·*:1*;.:*,·.¤:‘.:i°ar*:r;: ' t artic es in sev navy y · a gftlaglgsmbf wa.r;_ canal tolls, wharfage, doc}; and) port·charges, ang other neeemary incidental expenses of a similar nature, services an materials m repairmg, correcting, adjusting, and testing compames on