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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 919 of bailiifs in attendance upon the same when ordered hy the court, Miscnuaimous nxrmcsrs: For patixpent of such miscellaneonm expenses as may be authonmd % Attorney General for the Supreme of the District of _ bia and its officers, including the furnbhing and collecting of 6V1dB1!l.06 where the United States is or may a rty m mterest,.1nclud•§ also such expenses as may be authorized by the Attorney Gene for the Court of Appeals, Digtnct of Columbia, $40,%)0. rt _ t d _ ru d urroxroroouvrcrsz orsuppo mamenanee,au — tion of convicts transferred from the District of. Columbia, YZ be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, on account of fiscal ear nineteen undred thirteen . “°%*"3‘.T°“‘°“°“‘· 1. 1 — ...0... Fg; the fiscal§ear nineteen hundred and twelve,,83,2A3.47. _ Except as otherwise provided, one-half of the foregoing amounts to nlm ”'*** meet deficiencies in the appro iatiom on account of the District of Columbia shall be paid from tg revenues of the Dktrict of _Columbia anglge-half from any money m the Treasury not otherwise appro- Pm · wm nnrmummwr. ,W·¤¤··¤-= To pa claims adjusted and settled nmder section four of the river and hargor appmprrgon Act, aptpomézd June tweEty—£fth, "°L“·P·"‘ ten, ngress m ouse _ NIhIinbereduNine hundred and ninety-seven, Ten hundred and eighty- three, and Ten hundred and eighty-four, at the present sesssou, $1 1 '7.89. · . lldr emergency repairs to the Chalmette Monument, Chalmette, “°"°' Louisiana, $200. 1[ILITARY ESTAB . *""‘ mmm: quanrnuasrn. conrs. rn or run nar. For pay of oiilcers and enlisted men of the Army, $2,879,&2. mm d Co tatio f uarters to Army paymmters’ clerks (pay clerks) °°"*'°",,m°,"_,,,,,. on ddllynxithoult gogps, at stations where there are no public quarters, Lnas follows: tio f uuters to `et Army paisuasted clerks ( frdlmtldatdch third, niuldmteenyhundred an eleven, to June tllairtieth, nineteen hundred and eleven, at $24 each per month, $7 368. ’ f to -iiv Army paymast¤s’ clerks (pa?0 151:;:3 2,: tge engfihétdunesthirtieth, nineteen hundred an! twelve, at $2:; each per , dab ( clerllltslltlglr theqiscal year eudiné June thirtigg, nineteen hundred and thirteen, at $24 each per month, $17,499.20. K suumsrmcz. · {th Arm ,' I allobjectsmentiinedunde °°“'°"' h£a`(l§e:llbilx]:*fA'i}x(:1°y°(al§p>1?opriat$io1l•u year nineteen hundred md thirteen, S70), .15. guar or surrnnxas nil l'LOOD8· alia d and I" Expmdit made during the months of January and February, ,y...,"""°""' “' iueteen hullldfnd and thirteen, by the Quartermaster Corps, amounte·1e1s·-vm. xr-rr 1-——0~