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918 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. III. On. 149. 1913. ghgmenues of tac United States and the revenues of the District of ia m arts. d}L•**•**¤*•* N- chgor additiciiiiinll aiiwunt required for maintenance of feeble-minded $4 000. * ¤•n¤¤•h¤¤¤¤. Ftcglsdditiional amount reqéiralefor boarglfand care ofwdren coxs- , 't to t ard1ansb1p' ` ’s y Exe courts ofctgg District of Columbia, fiscal years as follows: For mneteen hundred and twelve, 81,035.91. ».‘:"°""" '""*‘* Authority is mag granted mpsy, in mm to the sum of :1,500 heretofore autbo , a further sum not to exceed $6,000 to institultions adjud§ed_to be under sectarian control, iiscal year nineteen undred an thneeen. Authority is hereby granted to pay, in additionto the sum of $5,500 heretofore authorized, a further mm not to exceed $1,035.61_ to institutions adjuggtevddto be under sectarian control, fiscal year mneteen lmmlred an ve. §j"f"§=·,,, ml Wonnrouszz The Commhsioners of the Dktrict of Columbia are ‘*‘*‘*** $2*5..,.,.,)**** "*** ****;**2* ***·*; ** ,!.*.t*~,..**·,.**:.t·** *3.***%: t e sum o 156.31 't t Esual ilxlspection required by law, iisczlr year nineteen hm and §}L‘,,,,,,,__ Muzua: Forpayofofficersandenlistedmenofthsnavalbattalinm for cruise, gventh to twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred w e, mclusive, 44. 1’¤¤¢•¤I¤¤· For of horses for parafegiin fourth, nineteen hundred _ pay - paradeon ourth, an mgor o', for March! nineteenhundred d ¤·»·¤·y···. rn seem, 10. flice mitre tnerzmaauadusma § u °' to allgw andzxig in tliigeeounts §IEjb?£:yd Tglor, disbursing officer, Organized Mihtaa,_tl1e sum of $200, being e amount dis- Bllowed and charged against him on the books of the Treasury e artment. A-R·‘¤¤¤v•¤a §.nruru>·moA. R.T¤01u·soN:F t uiredt fundto Rmd °°“ A. R. Thompson amount of guarang me June iiiildiateenth, nineteen and tyvelve, to remove frame bam urchased from the Dmtnct of Columbia, erroneouslfy covered into tie Treasury as als of oldjiliongeg, to be paid wholly rom the revenues of the District man eax Rumm ’ miuzormous oouxcn :F t ired “""""""‘ Q, refund certagfcrroneous collections onosciwuigrofglpggilil arszgsmeuttg °‘£‘5.?°°0'°`Z';a°§H°t2 '°’§"$-§°°r"'é° P"‘?“" “’ “’.h° °""“‘ 0 e m a an n e oumiam equ parts, $540.16. J¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- Jmnoumrrsz For pa t 1 the ’ ts, cl ’ against the District of Columbia set forili use t Itiosugi bered Thirteen hundred and sixty-five, and House Domment Num. bered Fourteen hundred and thirty three. of this session, $6,821.21, _ together with a further sum sufficient to pay the mterest, at not exoeeding four ger centum, on sud 3u¢‘l5ments, as provided by law, mn from the date the same became due un the date of payment.

a., Furs or wrrmzssns, syrmrmm oounrz For fees of witnesses in the

R & xml m Supreme Court of the_ D1stnct_ of Columbia, and for payment of the ·· actualex nsesofwxtnessesmsaidcourt,as rovidedbysection hm', ___ e1%;;zxsi:ed0r and Eh _, , Revised Statairtes of the Upnited Statesé $2,000. .ruaoas,suram¢s coun-: or! f ' the Pr T.? .,.., Y"’ .. court, of ofiin deputy maramwho act as bailifs or criers Ttddiir theexpe¤seofmealsand!odgiugforjur¢iisinUnitedStates•iases¤1d