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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 921 At the Pacific Branch at Santa Moni California . ¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤¤.C¤¤. For household, including the same gl`>,jects ,0u(i1(iier this head for the Central Branch in the sundry ci appro riation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, at the following branches, namely: At the Western Branch at Leavenworth, Kansas, $6,000. 1-¤¤v¤¤v•¤¢¤. Kms State or Territorial homes for disabled soldiers and sailors: For ¤¤¤¢· ¤r '1`¤rr¤¤¤rw contmuing aid to State or Territorial homes for the support of dis- h°if»iT`n, pam. abled vo unteer soldiers,_ in conformity with the Act approved August twenty-seventh., eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, mclud— mg all classes of soldiers admissible to the National Home for Disab ed Volunteer Soldiers, fiscal year nineteen hxmdred and twelve, . $19,710.12: PWM mt no pm of rms ap mpmaoa Sian be {$.*2;%;... apportioned to any State or Territorial home that maintains a bar or canteen where mtoxicating liquors are sold: Provided further, That <‘¤¤¤¤¤¤¤~ Mm infor any sum or sums collected in any manner from inmates of such mm State or Territorial homes to be used for the su port of said homes a like amonmt shall be deducted from the aid herein provided for, but this proviso shall not apply to any State or Territorial home into which the wives or widows of soldiers are admitted and maintained. NAVY DEPARTMENT. N"’D**’”""""· To ay the claims adjusted and determined by the Navy D art- ¥;,‘f’°°%f"‘“"" meut,Punder the naval appropriation Act for the fscal year niiigteen am hundred and eleven (Thirty-sixth Statutes at Lar e, page six hundred and seven), on account of damages occasioned to mate property by collisions with vessels of the United States Niavy and for which the naval vessels were responsible, certified to Congress at its resent session in House Documents Numbered Thirteen undred and] forty-eight and Fourteen hundred and thirteen, and Senate Document Numbered Eleven hundred and seventeen, $1,574.91. nrnaoennmc orrxon. “"""""""“"°“"’°" The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to pay, from the appro- ‘°""°'°“°°""'°‘ riation "Contingent and miscellaneous expenses, Hydrogracphic glfice/’ for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelveé tvliohvou gs amounting to $41.50 covering wrap paper an 't ograp c liquid dryer purchased for the use of tli)¢l¤§ydro{aph1c Office, as set forth in House Document Numbered Thirteen undred and sixty- Gve of this session. NAVAL ESTABLISIHHJNT. “"’· ommaar. aocouzrr or anvancns. To reimburse "General acconmt of advances/’ created prywthe Act .4°$°.Z€:2§i “°°°u° °f of June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight entneth V°'· -’”·**‘°’· Statutes at L e, page one hundred and sixty-seven), for amounts advanced therldfgrom and expended on account of the several appropriations named hereunder in excess of the sums appropriated therefor for the fiscal year tggven, found to be due the "general account" on adripstment by e accounting officers, the accounting oflicers of the reasuiy are authorized and to credit by transfer from unexpen ed balances of a propriations for the Naval Establishment, fiscal years nineteen hundred and twelve and nineteen hundred and thirteen, amounts as follows: For maintenance, (yards and docks, Bureau of Yards and Docks, D§;g•¤°‘Y•*°*•°*' nineteen hundred an ten, $33.18;