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922 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 149. 1913. ¤°¥:{¤'¤·¤ °* *•'*¤·· _For naval station, Great Lakes, Bureau of Navigation, mneteen hundred ten, $99.98; _ ¤¤¤•¤°*°*°¤•¤=·~ For ordnance and ordnance stores, Bureau of Ordnance, nineteen hundred and ten, $2,070.01; _ _ _ _g¤r¤¤<>¢ ¥¤·i¤¤i¤¤ For Medical Department, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, mnelmmcolm tee; hundred and ten, $47.40; _ Corps _ hun md ten or repairs o barracks, Marine , » · $84; ”°*°*°¤m°',,,"°°*°'¤° F r Medical Department Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, nine- 4 M teenohundred and nine, $2§i64; _ _ _ _ “:f'°*'* °' ”•"•* h For outligsmcgt figs; enlistment, Bureau of Navigation, mneteen undred an t, .99; , ’°*‘¤°°'-‘* ¤•'¥ For machinery plant, navy yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, yard. . $4.47; ”'¥"°'* For repairing dry dock Dewey, $6.74; In all $2 382.41. · ny. ’ ’ PAY or um NAVY.

·*·“·*°"*’i""“"" ...§°L§’.‘r"‘“°"‘§° %°"‘“”‘..i  °f»..‘*‘°..."“ “E”‘°“i.d.i..%°’¥§;

expenses oi which no erpensm weie cordancewn e ythn·teenth,' nineteen undred ° t beingadeliciencyfor theiscal year nineteenhundredandten,$35. ’ l’\!.nhdhnso•¤•. · PAY, _ T deiie1ency` in the riation "P miscellaneous " i1’.\0h'1, ah :>bjeets_mentioned.1i)ri,dr::?rP this title dfhppropriation in $:1 navuaggrglpgigtron Act for the iiscel year nineteen hundred and ve, , . . B¤¤•¤ ¤¤ Nnvm- nunuu or Navroxrrox. em. ’°°*‘““°¢· TheSecre of theNavyis thrizedto fromth ° - tion "RecruuiFng, Bureau ofMNa;)igation, Prilgihteen hnirrgdldopgld §velve," four vouchers, set forth gn ptgegwelvp plLHeuse Document um un an mx - ve o t ’

 tg $§6.84Bcogl:°ring aldvertgipg plaéed inpne!.•::ls!;>ap·:si·:1(i<I:r

recrui or e avy nav recrm o °t° station, New Orlearnhlyouhiana, during thzgmontchrhlltihnefargiladteltdxi n.e.,»•¤.a¤,p.·m. hundred and twelve, m advance of authority from the Secret of the Navy as required by section- thirty-eight hundred and txty


e` t Revised Statutes. lornln Patriot, I? " · · ~ - ,,c,,,,_ Mich or payment of en advertisement rn the Moming Patriot, Jackson, A·1••¤¤¤¤c· Michigan from February sixth, nin teen h dred d t March twhlfth, nineteen hundred and sgven, anilufrom M·a:·chsfift‘;Idhth(? nineteen hundred and seven, to April eighteenth, nineteen hundred and seven, bills for which were not submitted until November, ninettgeen gundred ang twelve%3b;mg a deficiency for the fiscal year ninen un an seven, . ,,§‘;‘“ °‘ ’°‘*“’** mmnau or mvrruzm. National Electric · . ,,,,,.;;,,00,,, ,,._ Forarnount urredtocovrth dba] du th P. ) tract with_ ther?ational Electtric Coarlntpoan rdldtedoggly seventh; thundredArand nine%or e tie naval high power o ron t ug;] 1 , ‘ · cm md the fiscal year nineteenal1un •il ten, $42,000. a d°6°l°°°°y or nun *¤¤·¤·>*· _ To’s§ppl_y a deiicrencyin the appropriation "Coal and l·1’8.!Bp0l'l»¤· £2m.‘Z?"2§ ‘lf.§"Z."..`?"‘¥;.T‘%."‘° ‘TH‘g "" °*’j°1’}" “‘°“"i°"°" “".r,."°,‘1 on e na year nineteen hundred and twelve, ;23g?;!ggl3.? on wt for uw