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SIXTYSEOOND CONGRESS. Sas. 111. Ch. 149. 1913. 923 Bvnuu or summms nm aooomrrs. u&¤¤•¤¤¢ saws _Tos11ppladeficiencyi11thea ro 'tio "P v1smns" N " rmun. mcludins ni objectsumntioned uriller tillle ofndppmpriatihhyin the nav appropriation act for the fiscal year nineteen lumdred and tw';lve, $7§7,09d.56. tho · osupya in °tio“Cotmgen' tB ccasqun. z§1Supfpli)es and_At;ountsi;’ incluadigghollglthmlls menltliqned. E, _eoapm nmtenav 'tioactf the nugateen and gvelve, $11T£l)d)8lT£·ll“ n or mmarror Ncmmnmz balamedue tract”‘“°*°°*¤•¤¤ with naw wma rub. noun cg My, dated Jm °° gary. wtflttmma fifth, mneteen hundred and ten, for marine waurm boilers, wl" °'°"""“" being a de:6c1ency for the Escal year nineteen hundred and ten, $7,305.60. EARN! CORPS. Harlnetlorps. For provisions Marine Corps, includmg' items spec1Eed' der thi "*°'*'°¤•~ head in the appropriation Act for the fiscal yearlmnineteen hundred and thirteen, $56,500. nmuun or nmmcnm ann snnemnr. ,,,E,"f;,“,,°;f'°"‘*°"*° To supply a deficiency in the appropriation "Medical art- *‘•“¤•¤ NP P ment," including all objects urlider this title of appprggria- mm' u tion m the naysl appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $60,000. PUBLIC vionxs, nuuau or nuns arm moss, ugwmu or Yards For concrete and granite dry dock, $1,310.99. ¤•¤¤•¤¤ry¤¤¤k- DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. nrgzuu unm- To pay the accounts set forth on page fourteen of House Document ¤¤¤u¤n¤¢¤p•¤•¤. Numbered Thirteen hundred and sixty-five of this session, chargeable to the appropriation for contingent expenses fiscal year nineteen hundred an twe ve, $116.60. 0. lm Cnrma Bmnnmc: For work at Capitol and for general repairs B.'{,,..,,..._ thereof, including the same objects specified under this head m the

 a ropriation Act for the fiscal year mneteen hundred

anllxir the n Gas Light Com any for gas yY.2£‘,,{§'§" °°' service for the months of June, uly, August, September, October, i November, and December, nineteen hundred and twelve, and January, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $542.14. _ P ‘ For payment due the Potomac Electric Power Company for electric pcJ°¤°i:ii¤i;•¤y. current for the months of June, July, August, September, October, November, and December, nineteen hundred and twelve, and January, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $352.36. mm Om Bum Snuarz Orncn Bmnnmoz To pay balances on contracts and for .,,,_ °° ‘ labor and material for the comtruction of approaches to the Senate Otlice Building, $15,000. _ cum Carrror. rowrsn PLANT: To pay the Atlas Engine Works balance ml """"*“““‘ on contract for furnishing boilers for the Cap1tol power plant, '”‘ $2,136.17. _ _ For fuel, oil, and cotton waste, and advertising for the power plant "‘“·°“· °‘°· which furnishes heat and light for the Capitol an Congressional building, $6,148.82.