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924 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. Ch. 149. 1913. ¤•¤·¤¤¤¢ ¤¤"¤· For expenses of removal of the buildm' %s or other tructures upon ii¤°¤fwil:i"6mll?¤°° the land uired for the enlargement o the Cafpitol Grounds, for grading, aging, and soiling, and preparation 0 plans for permanently improving the same, $35,000, to contmue available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen. ""’“°"""“· runuo Lum snavron. ,,,,,,,,,w°“°“‘ v‘H‘"‘ For a ent to Wendell V. Hall, United States de uty surveyor l for surgeyglif public lands in New Mexico, by and necessary tocomplete the lines of survey embracedin his contract numbered four hundred and thirty-three, and special instructions issued therenmder, dated January twenty-fifth, nmeteen hundred and ten, being the balance of the amormt fonmd due him by the Commissioner of the v°L "°·"°” General Land Omce in the settlement of his acconmts in accordance with the rata as authorized in the Act makingszppropriatron for the survey and resurvey oftpublic lands for the year nmeteen hundred and ten, in which e work was execute? $199.58. §,§;,§{§,}',,,‘;,,_ The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized an to allow credit in the accounts of E. D. M. Fowle, special disbursrng agent, General Land Omce the sum of $96, being the amonmt disallowed by the Auditor for the Interior Department in the settlement of his accounts for the fiscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and elcverk under appropriation for "Protecting· public lands, timber, an so forth, mneteen undred and temand nineteen hundred and eleven," in accordance with a decismn of the · of the Treasury, dated January eighteenth, nineteen hun and twelve, for ayment of additional r diem allowance to employees in the iieldpscrvice of the General find Omce, while afloat between Alaskan pomts. °""}°’ '· R°"Q· The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to allow Cmtmmm u' credit in the accounts of Charles F. Read, special disbursing agent General Land Omoo, the sum of $66.70, being the amount disallowed by the Auditor for the Interior _Department m the settlement of his accounts for the iiscaljears of mneteen hundred and eleven and nineteen hundred and tw ve imder the appropriations for "Protecting public lands, timber, and so forth nineteen hundred and ten and nineteen hundred and eleven," and "Expenses of hearin in land entries, nineteen hundred and twelve," in accordance with a of the Comptroller of the Treasury, dated April eighth, nineteen hundred and eleven, for excess payments to omcers in the States of Missouri and New Mexico for taking depositions in land-entry cases, as per schedule of disallowances on file in the General Land Omce. ,0*:25* °*¤'¤*=’ The Secretary of the Treasuig is authorized and directed to pay, Aavsizamg. out of the a(ppropnation for_" urveying the public lands, nineteen hundred an eleven and mneteen hundred and twelve " act of Congress approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and eleven, the voucher for $8.65 of the Stock Growers’ Joumal, of Miles City, Montana, as certified lay United States Surveyor Richard E. Bandy, and approved by the ommissroner of the General Land Office, for the pu hcation rn three weekly editions of said newspaper, from August thin 'cth to September thirteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven, of an advertisement for the recovery of strayed or stolen hg;p1e2B;l;e1pvrg§'>ie;lr;yS;>1fv§he General Land Omce, used in connection ce. SEMYS *****1*** md The fund derivlxl from the Act a roved Jul sec °

time memes hundred and sixty-four, and the ilplpropriationy "Sni)r:(4lysmgw1ill3;

,;°;_,,_ I,_ 3,,, land grants (reimbursable), Act of arch second, eighteen hundred WL 28. r-lm and iunety-five," is hereeléy made available until the close of the fiscal year nineteen hundr and fourteen for omce work upon surveys