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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Szss. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 925 iérédleéréatihlesael ég the offices of the surveyors general and in the That any person entitled to enter la.nds under the homestead laws, r-rename mms. who may have estabhshed resrdence upon imsmveyed lands (which t.-y°},‘,'Ll,§’°¤,‘Q{,,§{Yct’°{,,f,§§ were subiect to homestead entry) rior to the passage and ap val *1***** ‘°¤¤¤‘ l"- of the Act of Jime sixth, nineteen hundred and twelve, entitle§r2An Act to amend section twenty-two hundred and ninety-one and sec- .4¤u,r.m. tron twenty-two hundred and ninety-seven, of the Revised Statutes

g3t1§gttgfn¢p`;{11est%," may perfgect his proréf {ford such landsl imdler

_ c e s nme een un an w 0 t law existing at the time of the establishment of siiiili ag he may elect, such election to be signified to the Department of the %ute;§1o1;‘£n éicccoradance with rules and regulations to be prescribed y e e cre ary. enoroercar. sunvm. G•¤1¤s¤==¤¤ Snrvex The accounting officers of the Tre are auth rized and directed ’°"“D·“°°“°“"°’· to credit_in the accounts of John D. §IcChesne;, chief disbursing g_;¤c;r¤?i·£¢é;*_;:‘€c‘¤ii¤x<i:li ctlgk, United States Geozgical Survey, the following jnrgounts, under pp? ° °` appropriations nam covering items suspen e an to be ' suspendied, on the ground, that the materials were mit purchased , un er the general sulpply schedule in accordance with the provisions of section four_ of the Act. of June seventeenth, nineteen hundred v°1‘°°*"‘°"· and ten, said items being shown in detail on pages and mneteen of House Document Numbered Thirteen hun and sixty- five of this session and for fiscal years as follows: For the fiscal years nineteen hundred and eleven and nineteen hundred and twelve, $149.56. For the Escal year nineteen hundred and twelve, $1 ,37 3.66. PEN SIONS. P¤¤¤i¤¤·~ For Army and Navy pensions, as follows: For invalids, widows, "‘"“"’·°°°· minor children, and dependent relatives Army nurses, and all other pensioners who are now borne on the rolls, or who may hereafter be placed thereon, imder the provisions of any and all Acts_of Congfess, $15,000,000; Provhled, That the appropriation aforesaid for avy any p.'¤.4.,¤., nsions shall be paid from the mcome of the Navy pension fund so Fai as the same shall be sufficient for that purpose: vzomdcdfurtirer, Amana That the amount expended under each of the above items shall be ' accounted for separately. _ _ _ _ hmmm mr- For fees and expenses of examining surgeons, pensions, for services ,,,,,,,,,_ ’ rendered within the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, FM ·¢¤- $100,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. ¤g_¤v•¤¤¤¤¤• ¤¤ Jus Enforcement of antitrust laws: For the enforcement of antitrust ijgi “Ig °°mm"° laws, on account of fiscal years, as follows: _ For the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thrrteen, $65,000. For the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, $2,539.02. For the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven, $1,410.60. _ _ To enable the Attorney General to employ, at his discretion and ngg’g;';,'}jm{_" —“‘°" irrespective of the provisions of section seventeen hundred and sixty- ;·§p•.5¤;¤¤§»gé5 M4 five of the Revised Statutes, such competent person or persons as will " °‘ ‘ ""°‘ ‘ in his judgment best {perform the service, to edit and prepare for publication and supermtend the printing of volume twenty-nine of Pd¤m,g_ the Opinions of the Attorneys General, the printing of said volume to KS_,s,,,,_;m_ ;,_53_ be done in accordance with the guovisions of section three hundred and eighty-three of the Revised tatutes, $500. _ To pay the ublisliers of the Federal Reporter for the estimated Fedemgbqoyc Re continustionsfldr the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $740. p°"`°““ ‘g" "‘