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926 SIXTY—SEOOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 149. 1913. °¤¤¤·¤¤*¤·¤¤··· F expenseel f resen' th°terests fthGoemmentins11 °-°' matgrs of reap;rair?dment% clzgiiicationoof goods and of incidental thereto, traveling expenses,

rIl£,1:;lg-8élg,t0bB8XPG¤.d0dlmdDf$hh of theAttorneyGen-

”"*‘¤ en . x. I snnxnnsns Drs·nuororAr.ssn: Fo1'fII1'I.\1tlJI1'B,f\I8i, "°{";M i I Q hoolliscfnstliiatliionuy, and other incidental expenses for the offices of the marishal: arlnd attomeys for the iiscal year nineteen hundred and twe ve, 11 .56. ‘ - ‘ '*"· °"""’°‘· The oi f the authorized to all d adm it credit g. W. for the Nziticiiilal ’i‘rainingSchoolforBo&thesurneov¤·ingexpeudituresmsde by him£or $360u’eeof theschooLforthe£scdye¤nine-

 Paymmt from the   known as "S•.lgies, ieee md

expenses of marshals, mted States courts, nineteen hundred and mv'.: :.2 *~‘·:.·*‘·r.*·*·°· "·*“.M.*2*. :*...*—“.¤*.*¢.2e m y ew _ Eeriod from January seventh to February twenty-second, nineteen

 andtwelve, attherateof$1,200perannnmishereby

authorised. MM JUDICIAL. Gnnaeetlourt. I sms. and •x- Gornrn¤a0ov:r: Forth•Comm¤·ce0ourt fromlhmchiitthto }*°“"'“*°'*'*'°J thirtietlsninetemhundred dthirtem,' ° Ti•i.°°r»i·i¤‘¤— Clerk,attherateof$40t.I:permn1un;deputycl¤·k,atthe rateo $2,500 annnm;rpsrshal,attherat»•of$3,000perannum; · deputy , at the rate of $2,500 per annum; for rent of necessary 2.“..."°°'£ “‘ w°“"£“"¥i‘; '5.¥’“"°‘ °‘ €°£.l1'.i.“""i? ‘{.‘.1‘..§'.”°'5..~...1."‘*'° ·.?." same or mmerce ; or , , stationery, printing, and binding; for pay of bailifs an all other necessary employees at seat of government and elsewhere, not otherwise specifically provided for, and for such other miscellaneous zapensa as may be approved by the presiding ], $16,111.11; in , $19,977.78. Unuedlauaecun, STATES WURTS. ¥•¤hl·\l· For aymentofealariesfeesandaxpeme•fU'tedS m...·~¤..···n aesvgzdénn ··:.2~·é’.·::.=··°`·,.,..··* • . 0 ! t services rendered in behalf of the United States or otgzrwiee, arid includmilservrces m Alaska and Oklahoma in collecting evidence gingfl when so pocially directed by the Attorney “•¤‘*°'•*“*¤°Y•· For shlarié f'U 'ted Stats distri t attem d expmseg United States districitl attomegs aud regiilzrysasahiistmts, includ;

13 office expenses of United tatm district attorneys in Almka md.

aries of appointed clerks to United States district atto neysforeervicesrendereddu vacancyin the Hi fthe P Smes district sttorncg, $50,00ugF 0 cc 0 Umm ¤m¤=r=¢s· ..:2:; *:::.2: .Z1‘.§°°.».‘.§°..‘;';;.'%“Lt’..'}4°’i·’..“." im? .0* *2: M of the United States, on account of fiscal year asltolloas: nmws Eg; $e year ninebtgg and thirteen, $3,000. e _ yearmne un dtwel ,8500. wimsa fees. utc. {03;: of wgtngsstelgé Un;t<3 Stats oouggs: Forvigu of WihI\$$ and __ Y¤1¤¤_ acu expenses o witnesses, · 'ded b Mknm P m §‘;°s'::s‘*é“‘%f)0}6_md*°d •¤d fifty, Revised Statutesa:fpK:1Unite§