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928 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sue. IH. Ch. 149. 1913. · P.m·e.¤s·n·y t Lea ru., Kms, in the stldxlidémciiziil §§>tr?pnation Act fc: the fisvc?lv;’ear nineteen hundred anger h ital1sii , including the same objects speciied under this l1eads¥0r the States penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, in the sundry civil appropriation for the fecal year mneteen hundred and thirteen, Escalyearrs as 0 ows: figeglyear teenh dred dtbirteen,$000. gg; gg iiscal year llniiigteen hiibdred rnd twelve, {73.09. "°"‘""•'“’·""‘· For support of the United States penitentiuy, McNeil Island, Washington, as fphll1¢;wp1;·l:l0r*sub1e;:histexpIee, including the same pbjeetz 35 (1 or e _ PGHUBDUBTY 8 gvenwoldtnhfliansas, in the sundry civil ptptproprnation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, for supplies for guards, $1 000. , , elotlnng' d transp0rtat|0' , inclu the same objectsspeei- Eegcdnder for the Unilged Stall;-sgpenitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansasilin the apprgtponstien Act for the Esoal yearnineteen undreda¤_ _,$1_ . _ _ F miseellan expe d1tures,mclu thesameobjectsspecifiedoninder this for like United Stslltllesg at Leavenworth, Kansas, in the appropriation Act for the Bseel yearnineteenhundredand ,and orsuehother may be and approved by the Attorney , fiscal years as fo ws: _ , » For the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, I-I0? .01. » reunnsemee. OUT OF THE POSTAL R . Bent licks ¤¤¤ For rent, light, and fuel for first, second, and third class post omega, m` fiscal year nineteen hundred and mne, to pay the accounts set forth on pwggygpmf H0usgD;:;1g;ent Numbered Thirteen hundred . 811 * 7 ‘ ' =*¤•* F t flimited`demnit f thlossof ofd ti -"$¤”’-*·“·*' '"` ·°.£.§’3.i".'Q.`3.‘2..‘;, neu ,22. uuedefiuniru i"2.‘$‘Z°1.., ;‘i’§{%“00? ¤•¤r•»<!¤¤¤¤•¤ or mlend lFl'\l1.?0l'$ItIOD by railroad routes, $105,500. _ ¤’·{¢g¤¤_v¤·* •¤¤*»- To enable the ostmaster General to cmx out effectively the °°Z`»~, e rn. provisions of section eight of the act approved _ ugust twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve, ropr1ations for the of the Poet Office Department for the {ear ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and for other purposes, be is hereby authorizeg to prpgde by rpntal, or otherwise, such equipt ,].l.1‘§.I.I]g• v es,ma,stam,d1recf ories _ ET prin?tedS1ir}iz:tmctions,uas may be necesealry and iz: appoint and compensate such additional employees as ma be require includin emlp oiees in the Post Office Department at {Washington, bistrict 0% C0 um ia,’an5d) gg;) these purposes and to supplement existing appropriations, 7 , . .umrrm> s1n•ru¤¢mu·s SUBIHTID ny mz aunrron. ros rn rosr ounce nnrsnrnmzrr.

_ Oournnssnon 1*0 P0s·nus·rmzs: For amount to reimburse the

me revenues for the fiscal year mnetean hundred and twelve, _ _ g the amount retained by postmasters in excess of the appropriation, $69,303.40. _ _For amount to reimburse the postal revenues for the Hscal_.year and eleven, being the amount retained by postmastexs in excess of the appropriation, $9.20.