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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 149. 1913. 929 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, cu1D&=r¤¤e¤=¤zagr1- TopaytheaccountssetforthinH Docum tN band mmumm Twelve hundred and ninety-one of this mon, the gms for purchases not made under the eneral·sup ly schedule in accord- v°"'°·“°“· ance with the provisions of section$our of the het of June seventeenth, nineteen hun and ten, $132.55. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. ,,,§’,.;,°§‘,{','$‘I,{°I‘_f,,‘§,’,F°"" BUREAU or LIGHTHOUSES. mgehtheuu Bu- To pay the claims for damages which have been considered, ad- ¤,§,,",,'}_"“ '“"" °°" justed, and determined to be due the claimants by the Commissioner VM- u. aw. of Lighthouses, under authority of the rovisions of section four of the Act of June seventeenth, nineteen and ten (Thirty- sixth Statutes, pnzgle five hundred and thirty-seven), on account of damages occasion by collisions for which the vessels of the Lighthouse Service have_been found responsible, certified to Congress at its dpresent eession m House Document Numbered 'hvelve hundred an sixty-nine, $193. coasr nm enommc souvmr. ,,,°,.$g',f "“’ °°°"'*‘° Repsziis and'hrIr1aintenmce$9o{)0;r)emels: For installation of wireless V••*· a ara us on ee v , , . Pgor rewiring the Coast and Geodetic Survey buildings, $4,300. “"""“' ""“‘“°“ BUREAU or sraxmanns. “_g*¤*•·¤ ¤* ¤¤¤¤· For the following additional positions in the Bureau of Standards eéf*’·”“°¤*‘ ¤¤*°>'· for the period from March fifth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, for the balance of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, narnetlg: One watchman, at the rate of $720 per annum; one Eroman at e rate of $720 per annum; one assistant engineer, at the rate oi {1,500 per annum; two laborers, at the rate of $660 each per annum; in all, $1,372.66, or so much thereof as may be necessary. LEGISLATIVE. ramen. SENATE. Senate. To pay Gheretein Y. Heybum, widow of the late Senator Weldon B. }',°}§',°‘,,,},',$",,;,"},",;j Heiyburn, from the State of Idaho, $7 500. _ o pay Frances Jane Rainer, widow of the late Senator Isndor ¤I,{¤,:t§_g§•;·*;,d°__ Rainer, from the State of _ aryland, $7,500. _ o ay Leila Carter Davis, widow of the late Senator Jeff Davis, iernsvem wm "°%"3‘°S§f°°°3"k.$°1‘¥§Za?.%°‘ -.i ra. lem t . M WK a ~ a ,w1owo e a eau a Daniel!. Am; gfythe aS`•’?Ynate;MDaniel _Ransdell, a sum equal to_one year’s P"’""°"°'”°°"‘ salary at the rate he was receiving at the time of his demise, $6,500. ’I'he Secret of the Senate is hereby authorized and dxrected to pai? w·*df°’ch‘L,:· {**3; Amos W. W?lWoodcock for services as clerk to Senator William . mus,. me w, on Jackson, of Maryland, from November twenty·mnth to December third, nineteen hundred and twelve· Charles H. Arbuckle for services as clerk to Senator K. I. Perki, of Idaho, from November eighteenth to December second, nineteen undred and twelve; and W. Orr Chapman for services as stenographer to Senator K. I. Pferky, of Idaho, from November twenty-secon to December second, nineteen hundred and twelve; from the appropriations for salaries to clerks, messengers,