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948 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. June elev eighteen' hundred and seventy-eight, and shall be depositedattbutzhe credit of the appropriation for the fiscal year in operauonot 5 a. as lmet 6apl'0p!&_n "hiih °°"?i ‘§°;°°“i$"’ii.i’.°Z5,.».’°°°‘ ...4 d it .· ri. for °1°"’°‘" Pmww repairspgf streets,Paveniies, and alleys for the year nineteen hundred and thirteen, may be operated under the immediate direction of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia in doing such work of resurfacing and repairs to asphalt pavements, in the repair of maeadam streets by constructing on such macadam streets and asphalt macadam wearing surface and_in the construction of asphaltic macadam surfaces on concrete base, as in their judgment may be economically performed by the use of said plant, and so much of , this appro riation as is necessary for the purposes aforesaid IS hereby rmua made avagable for such work: Provided, That at no time hereafter ,, ,H‘,l{°° shall more work of rwurfacing and repairs be done with the portable asphalt plant than can be accomplished with the single portable plant now owned by the District_o Columbia. _ _ changing curb The authorit given the Comrmmioners of the Dmtrict of Columbia ¤¤•·°*°· in the Act making aipmpriations for the expenses of the District v°"*"‘m°‘ of Columbia, a prov March second, nineteen hundred and seven, to make such cllianges in the lines of the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue and its intersecting streets in connection their as the may consider necessary and advisable is made applicable to such other streets and avenues as may be improved under ap roc,S`:is°¢°iha. Kiations containedinthnsrtcts Provided, Thatno E\l0l'1 £&l.l madeunlessthereshallresulttherefromadecreeaem ecost of the improvement. _ _ smwunmaea-is. For replacing and and curbs around public reservations and mumcipal , $10,000. pam one. For new sidewalks an curbs around the Patent Office, $l,500._ cia rue om For replacing sidewalks and curbs around old Post Office Building, B“"‘““¢· Seventh and Eighth, E and F Streets, northwest, $2,500. p§,‘;"°*"“ ’°°"· "‘ Rararns sunrranan nouns: For current work of repairs to suburban roads and suburban streets, including the maintenance of motor vehicles, four motor cycles, and one truck, and the commissioners are authorized to purchase, at a cost not exceeding $1,600, from this apgropriation one motor vehicle, $140,000. ggrgg, BM" runons: For construction and re airs of bridges, $17,000. Highway Bridge across Potomac lliverz Draw o rators——two at

each, one $730; fouiilwatchmen, E. $600deachi 1abor,?l,500;

, power, an nusce aneous su es, an ex nsee o eve kind necessarily incident to the operaiilion and mainptienance of th; bridge and approaches, $8,620; in all, $15,280. Anacostia snap. Operation of the Anacostia River Bridge: For employees, miscellaneous supplies, and e>}penses of every kind necessary to the operation and maintenance 0 the bridge, $5,600. Q *3**** B""¢°· For completion of construction of the bridge across Rock Creek on the line of Q Street, includmgjhe approaches thereto, and the Commissioners of the Drstrrct of lumbia are authorized to enter into a cme-sea contract or contracts for the construction of said bridge and its approaches, at_a total cost not to exceed $275,000, to be paid for from time to tune as appropriations therefor may be made by law; Use ot massa. and the unexpended b ances of other appropriations heretofore made {pr glhfi prpiggct shall :5:5 aaggdable during the fiscal year nineteen un · an ou , , . ggpwxkmmyk For the construction of a bridge across Rock Creek on the lines of maamm, Pennsylvama Avenue, m acco ance with plans approved by the Commissioners of t.he District of Columbia, and the said commis- —<{¤¤¤¤¤ •¤r¤¤r- sioners are authorized to enter into a contract or contracts for said work at a total cost not to exceed $160,000 of which so much thereof