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950 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. 1913. th to edJ twenty-e° th teenhundred xiii; andP$)t? Pmr:a§yml‘§hrte::‘i>‘1;du§nd1g of any such new highway plan it ta e o an s or any previous , lan f th rti f tb District of Columbia adected. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤. vw-. ¤f P Thaftrthdi £i)>m1i)1]ils§ionei·’s of tha_ District of Columbia are hereby §{§:,*?;¤”{;°Z,TiZ;l°.5';iZ.-.°$' authorized to gran, eatend, or widen any street, avenue, road, or

  • ¤¤¢¤*¤¥ Plm highway to co orm with the gl? of the permanent system ofhigh—

waysinthat portion of theDis toftgaolxgggia outsigez of tp?) cities of Wasl1ingtonandGeorgetownadop erthe to ongress edllllarchsecond, teenh dredandmnety-three as giilelgded by the Act of MC? alplpmved June twenty-eighth, h¤°_{¤*:g_*¤•*'°¤ °‘ eighteen hundred and mnety by condenmation under the pmrov»¤Z:¤,p.m. visions of subchapter one of c fifteen of the Code of w muon. for the District of Columbia: romded, That the ent1re amount J..'S'.§F‘”""""" found to be due and awarded by the jury under such as damages for and in respect of the land condemned, plus the cost ,, ; 0 811 ¤·-y=····== ··· ·=·-·-· %‘;Sss .4,..1 it Tas d P *}§‘Z."3?$3

2***::%*:0m Db condemnation proceedings tahen under provisionxgc hereof and

the amounts awarded as damages for and in respect of the condemned, shall be said from the reyenues of the_District of mm °°‘“""’;‘.;,:‘2I,‘. cnn .,,*:..:.:·‘...‘2.#;*:,*:t°* wmmcs assessm APl·¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ** States to the credit of th: revegues of of ch ecessary orsai urpose uring pe year ,611 guimesutlirtiselthu nineteen himdrelil and fourteen,_is_l1¤eH) appropriated, payable entirely from the revemnesof thebistrictof lum 1a. SEWERS. Sera:. °*·•¤*¤¤·°*•=· F leamng` nd repa1rmg' sewers and bmins, $68,000. maya. mm. Fg; thperatioxi and maintenance of the sewage pumping service, including repairs to boilers, machinery, and pumping stations, and the emaployment of mechanics, laborers, and watchman, the purchase of ea @12:%%;, and other supplies, and for the maintenance of motor tru . lalnand . lgorinaixi and pipe sewers and receiving basins, $65,000. Pm For suburban sewers $155 000 bur . 1 r • iirnuhzilwsy. For assessment and permit work, sewers, $125,000. For purchase or condemnation of rights of way for constructi maintenlapce, and repair of public sewers, $1,000, or so much therglii may necessary. swans www- “Anacostia main interceptor: For continuing the construction of the W- Anécgstia main interceptor along uga %nIacop§.iaP}liver bgtvéeen the u a sewer, sewagvd sys a_ op r omt, an nn` l,)istrict of Columbia, ’ _ _ 9 mg, M, (,,,1, ,,,,,,.. Rock Creek mam interceptor: For continuing the construction of ww- §)¤5ck Creek mam interceptor from P Street to Military Road, ,,,,,,,_ ’ smmms. manages Dun- mnvmmox, cnmmmo, mm snow nrxovn.; For dust re~ vention, sweeping, and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets, under the immediate direction of the Commissioners of the Dis- “°"" ‘“‘* “’°· tnct of Columbia, and for cleaning snow and ice from streets, sidewalks, crosswallcs, and dgutters m the discretion of the commissioners, includ- L‘}‘.iL1.'Y§.?°30.‘.‘;.·'*‘mc¤° "`2.§°¤.\‘“"° Z2'} £'2‘g.‘§£§‘?.?'1.`2°¤?1£.H“°“”’r§°;';° 2 _ 8 , and maintenance of homes; hire, purchase, maintenance, hgdmrepair of wagons, harness, and other eglplgment; allowance to inspectors for mamtenance of horses and v es used in the performance of