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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. 951 official duties, not to exceed thirty dollars month for each mspectc' r· purchase, maintenance, and repair olermotor-propelled vehicles necessary in operation and supervision; and necessary incidental expenses, §260,000, and the commissioners shall so apportion this apBropr1ation as to prevent a deficiency therein. rsrosar. or crjrr enrusn: For the collection and of gar- D¤1¤¤•¤ M clmubage and dead animals; miscellaneous refuse and ashes m private In residences in the city of Washington and the more densely opulated auoburbgj for collectiplp and dispose; ofnight soil in the lgistrict of um1a;andor ea entonecessaryinspecticmliv of horses, and incidental exgenysts, $179,945. ’ ery fanxmo comnssrouz For contingent expenses, including laborers, ?¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· trimmers, nurserymen, repair men, and teamsters, cart hue, trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, tree labels, planting and care of trees on city and suburban streets, care of trees, tree spaces, maintenance of automobile truck, and miscellaneous items, $42,500. Bammo mason: For superintendent, $600; watchman, $480; mumagaaca tem _ rary services, sutpplies and maintenance, $2,250; for repairs to burlsfugs, pools, and upkeep of the grounds, $1,500, to be immediately available; in all, $4,830. For the construction, by contract or otherwise, of an underground ,,,”';,*'{,§'{’§° gfx drain from the fountain lm south of the White House, across the xk w wm: %ounds of the White House (reservation number one) and of the ashington Monument (reservation number two) to the bathing beach near Seventeenth and B Streets northwest, $2,500· and the Cigdmmissioners of fthe of Cplumbia are ali&thorizedPto enter s reservations or the urpose 0 sa' : , PWM- That the time plans, and, manner of doinit e work shall first be etéippmm °‘ pl°°s’ approved by the officer in charge of public uildings and grounds in accordance with such restrictions as_he may decide to be necessary for therotection of the proxrty and uiterests of the United States. e commissioners sh submit for the consideration of Congress, §;§'·{',‘}*{',,,,"{",,_@ in the annual estimates for the government of the District of Columbia K•¢¤¤¤§ but- ¤¤ ¤• for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, detailed estimates for N ` the construction of not exceeding two public bathing beaches, with all neeessatg buildings on separate sites other than t at now used and where al water shall be constantly available for bathing Apeurposes. Prmmc scams: For replacement and repair of public sc s, $200. """“°'°*“* For the purchase and installation of a new twenty-five-ton railroad N"' "“'°“ ”"°· scale, to be immediately available, $850. For overhauling, transferringpand installing scales at Eleventh and ,,f,:f"'°"'“*· °‘°·· B Streets northwest to M and otomac Streets northwest, and from M and Potomac Streets northwest to Eleventh Street and Virginia Avenue southeast, to be immediately available, $250. _ Pnarcnouxns: For maintenance, equipment, supphes, tools, con- L*,{$,,"’?,‘§§ struction of toilet facilities and wading pools, fencing, and repairs, including labor and materials, and necemary mcrden and contingent expenses for all playgrounds, including not to exceed $100 for rent of storage houses, un er the direction and supervision of the commissioners, $7 ,535 ; _ For salaries: Clerk (stenographer and typewriter), $900; super- 8****** visor, $2,500; to be employed not exceeding ten months, as followsthirteen directors of p ygrormds or recreation centers at $65 per month each, assistant director at $60 per month; to employed not exceedinglseven months, as follows-—two assistant directors at $60 per mon each assistant director at $50 per month; to_ be employed not ex months, as follows——one lawstant director at $60 r month, n assistants at $45 per month each; watchmen, to EZ employed not exceeding twelve months, as follows—ten at $45 per month each, one at $25 per month; in all, $21,275; 87618°—vor. 37-rr 1-62