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952 SIXTY—SEGON D O0NGRE$S. Sun. III. Ch. 150. 1913. · “"‘°“¥ "°¤.D"‘ Inall f laygmlmds $28,8lO hichaumshall bepaid wholly "‘°°’"°'“"*~ out ct ttelivlisue of olé nseaeddveuenpae ~ “§_¤*·•°*¤*• ¤¤¤*°Y· In case of or dxsabnhtyof mydzesgzegyofhtgxle ygmund, gghgy dung; meh absence em- s ghlavailable tee pay substitute employees during the ear. "Q¤°* TM Am! Immuon max: Forthedevelopmentof theland W ° fivexhuundred and thirty-four, heretofore known as W" w Tree , 1 . . -

  • ‘¤*·**¤ <=¤¤*¤¤¤¤¤¤• 8 l’tmuo ooxvmrmscn s·ra·no¤s: For of public con-

°°'u°°` ;7enience stations, including compcnsahon of necessary employees, ¤¤-¤¤¤¤r \•¤¤¤¢· mn counmmxrrox or msazunmr mmnmes: For all °'°'°°°' expensesnecessaryandincidmtto theenforeegiimtofmact entitled V¤¤·••» r- W- "An ggate aolioarod for the of msanitary bunlgi ' 'trict lqmb an oro erpurposes, approv lll? liilrst, nineteen h|lD$'l1pd_&l15."SiX includingpeasonal services, when authori¤edby the otgtheDistrictof(}<>lumbna, $2,500. ngzetical eqn:- EIEYPBICAL DEPARTMENT. A sum. EllTl08l6D§DBR‘ ,$2,500;as•istantelect1:ical, $2,000•

 inspectors, at $1,200 each;   $1,000;

_ electrician, $1,200; two dnftsmen, at $1 each; three tdegaph opera $1 000 each, three at SDN cash. expel: tors, at , · mspeeton, l; repa1rman,8960; iourrepnrmm,at$90Deaeh; m1'6BI»0·720$¤lI\,fo\H'lt·54DQGll,(1·‘m; eleemealmspecton, one $2,000, one $1,800, one $1,350; eaHe.•;1¤eu·,.8i,200; assistant cable spbcer, $620; clorks»—one 81,400, one $1,200, two at $1,125 esgihb, one fllfg), one $750; •ss%tre $620, I D I $400 each; $875; ° $46,495. Mmm. ctc. For erhl supp 1'8PI.`l1'8?iD& batteries, and battery sup lies telephogldlrental and purchase, wire for extrnsion of the teleglygand tele hone service, repairs of lines and instruments, poles mlllrgginsnlators, brackeitzk pilps, hardware, crotas arms, we, record stationery, , very, washmg, ecksmrthu] g, ua labor, ngw boxes;·t·r%? of sgoretyrom, of means o trans on, an o necessary items, . mu¤4»ne•¤¤a¤~ For placing of fire-a.larm,_telegraph, police-patrol, and tele- """"‘· phone service underground in existing conduits, including cost of cabgs, terminal lfoxeaizpldil posts, ¢0t:l;00¤0DS to and begween ts o es, o es, or , gxtgruauiphor, and other neceseasyohums, $7,000:mtombe av a e. ren 1 ¤- Fo extension of lice-patrol system, incl urchase f ‘“* xpm ly purchase endo erection of the cmssoarlixiig

tt1oer:,npms, brrJa¢;et:m1;1r:§¢:axl):)h, eondnut connections, extra labor,

hlflgggghm Lremmo: For the puichase, installation, and maintenance of public lamps, lamp-posts, street designations, lanterns, and fixtures of all kmds on streets, avenues, roads, alle s, and public ces, and for all necessary expenses in connection therewith, incluiiregg rental of stables and st0rerooms,_thm sum to be expended rn accordance V•>1-¤»¤>·¤¤¤- with the provisions of sections seven and exfht of the Act malrmg pgptropriations to provide for the expenses 0 the government of the not of Columbia for the fiscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twelve, approved March second, nineteen hundred and ·*"‘· P· ‘“· eleven, md with theJprovisions of the Act for the same purpose for the fiscal year ending une thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen,