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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 953 approved_June twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and twelve and other laws applrcable thereto, liveg and extra. labor, $391,000. ’ _Hereafter all railroads 0 er than street railroads shall pa to the ¤·¤¤•**•¤¤1»yr¤r Dmtrrct of Columbia for the lighting, under the direction andy control inlieilliliiviriil $$3 of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, of the public roads mi streets, avenues, and allzg, for their full width, through which theii tracks may be lard, for t length of the street occupied by the said tracks whether the said tracks be laid above, below or at gradeas well as for the of the subways and bridges bver or under which the_ tracks_ 0 said railroads pass; and in. default of payment of such_brlls, actions at law may be maintained by the District of Columbia agamst said railroads or their successors transferees or. lessees therefor: Provided, That herein shall be held to repeal **··•**•··· the Act er May twentysaxui, nineteen nnarea and eight, renung to nZ.°'¥'*“.:‘e°°"•”’ the Washington Terminal Com any. For the purchase and installlition of ten iire-alarm boxes, and for ¤¤•l•·*¤\¤¤¤ the purchase and erection of the necessary poles, erossarrmjnsulators pms, braces, wire, cable, conduit connections, posts, extra labor, and officr necesspry items, $2,000. d or comp eting urchasmg` an installmg` additional lead-covered M*¤¤¤¤•* ¤¤¤•¤~ cables to increase the capacity of the underground cable system in ¤°“d°m°` the congested downtown section, $5,000. WASHINGTON AQUEDUUP. duvggnmm new For 0 ration, including salaries of all necessa em loyeea main- ¤•*¤¤•¤•¤¤·· tenanceygnd repair of the Washington A ueducgnd its accessories, including Conduit Road, the McMillan gark Reservoir, the Washington Aqueduct tunnel, and also including the purchase and maintenance of one motor truck, horses, vehic es, and harness, and the car; and maintenanclef of the stgble, $34,500. f tha Cond Road or continuing su acing an im rovement o uit , 0¤¤¤¤*¢ FM. infrom Foxhall Road to Great Falls, £15,000. "°'°°°m` For care, including salaries of all necessary employees, mainte- ¤¤¤•¤¤¤1>1•¤¢.••¤· nance and operation of the Washington Aqueduct, District of Columbia, iiltration plant, and the plant for the prelimim:3 treatment of the water supply, authorized water meters on Fede services, and for each and every purpose connected therewith, $91,000. For emergency fund, to be used only in case of a serious break ”‘“°"'”"°’ ""“’· requiring imme iate repair in one of the important aqueduct or filtration plant structures, such as a dam, conduit, tunnel, bridge, building, or important piece of machinery, the unexpended balance U" °"’•"“°°· of the appropriation for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen *’•*‘· P· "’* is reappropriated and made available for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen; all expenditures from this appropriation shall be reported in detail to Congress. For continuation of parking grounds around McMillan Park ¥¤¥*¤·¤ P¤*- Reservoir, $2,000. _ _ _ _ For continuing the limng of such portions of the unlmed sect10··: ¤¤*¤¢¤·¤¤·*¤ of the tunnels o the Washington Aqueduct as may be necessary to prevent the disintegration an fall_o rock,_ $10,000. _ wm M For completing the purchase, mstallatron, and mamtenance of ,,,,,,{,§:§,,;,P·,,,,,,,,,, water meters, to be placed on the water services of the National g;W<=¤¤¤¤¤¤w¤s Museum, Washington Aqueduct, Naval Hospital, Naval School, Library of Congress, and Htyggremc _ boratory Building and for each and every purpose therewith, said meters to purchased, installed; and mamtamed la; and remam under the observation of the officer m charge of e Washington Aqueduct, $4,700.