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954 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. On. 150. 1913. Mk 0*** 5**- ROCK CREEK PARK. °•'*»°*°- For cam and improvement of Rock Creek Park, and of the Piney Branch Parkway, exclusive of building for supermtendenfs residence, to be expended under the direction of the board of control of saidparkin the mannernowprovidedbylawforotherexpenditmes of the District of Columbia, $21,000. P¤*•“¤·°¤¤°¤ PUBLIC SCHOOLS. “""'°},,,, Orncmns: Superm` tendent of blic schools, $6,000; two assistant superintendents, at $3,000 ;pd1i1&ector of isstruction, thirteen su cn an supervmor manu training, fifteen in ali at a saLryof $2,200each; secretary, $2,000; clerks—one $1,400 two at $1,000 each, one to carry out the rovisions of the child·labor law, $900; two , at gw each; messenger, $720; in dl, $53,700.

  • ‘“""*”"°°"°•‘* Arrmmsircn orncnsz Attendance officeis-two at $600 each,

one $900; in all, $2,100. '*"""""· Tnacums: For one thousand seven hundred and hfty-one teachers, to be assigned as follows: ‘ Principals of normal, high, and manual schooh, nine in all at aminimumsalary0f$2,000each; Director ogprimary instruction, at a salary of $1,800. Directors music, drawing, physical culture, domestic science ggmesticart, andkinde1g¤tms,sixinaH,atar16ni1n1nnsaln·yoi ,500 wb; i —; $lAssistant director of at a minimumsalary of ,400; Assistant directors of music, drawing, physical culture, domestic science, fdo1n;e&1;1c·éa;·lt, and Hndergartens, six in all, at a minimum salary 0 $1, e ; 4 Heads of departments in lugh‘ and manual tra1mng` ° high' schools in groupB ofclass six, twelvein all, at aminimumsalaryof $1,900 each; Teachers of the normal, high, and manual training schools promoted for superior workécgoup B of clan six, fourteen in all, at s minimumsalary of $1,900 s ; Teachers in group A of class six, three of grade manual training schools, two hundred seventy-eight in all, at a minimum salary of $1,000 each; Teachersinclasafive one hundred andeighteeninall,ataminimum salary of $950 each; Teachers in class four four hundred and fourteen in all, at a minimum salary of $800 each; Teachers in class three, four hundred and eighty-eight in all, at a minimum salary of $650 each; Teachcrsinclasstwo, threehundred and thirty-sevenin all, at a minimum salaigag $600 each; 'lileachers in one, sixty-six in all, at a minimum salary of $500 eac ; S ialbeginningteacherin thenormalschoo $800; Inpgatll for teachers, $1,361,900. 1, ,,{·,};'•'*•¤• "“’ Ifmnuuaxs aim cmxxs: Twenty-six librarians and clerks, to be a¤;_1J%ed as f9l.lo1w·: { _ · _ rarianmc our,_one atamimmumsalaryof $800; Librarians and clerks in class three, twelve in all, at a minimum “‘£*Z.Z§.’$.?°.Xi°esah’ · class t s · .u 1 lll W0, ve ui. , ' ofwwcmh; atammimumsalary