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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. 955 OfLibra;r:cnhs.and clerks in class one, eight in all, at a minimum salary In all for librarians and clerks, $15,600. _ l;.):(z1!§VI’l’Y rar; liongevrty Ely for directo; of museum. ms c 011, Sugsfvbing 01 supervm0' ro manu , principals of e normal,P1h%hl: arid manual training high schoo , srrncrpals of the grade manu training schools, heads of departments _ for assistant director of IL instruction, directors and assistant drrectprs of draw·g¤§, culture, music, domestic science, domest1c_art, and km ergarterm, teachers, clerks, librarians and clerks, and lrbranans to be paid in strict conformity with the provisions of the,Act entitled "An Act to iix and regulate the salaries V°*·•*·1~¤•· of teachers, school ollieers, and other- employees of the board of education of the District of Columbia " apslroved June twentieth, V¤¤¤.p.¤•· nrneteenjrundrpd and six, as amended by e Acts approved May V°*·¤·v·*· twenty-sixth mneteen hundred and eight, May eighteenth, nineteen lveam » hundred and ten, and June twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and twelve, $375,000. _ Anmwanqz 10 rvaurorrus: Allowance to prinscipals of grade ’**¤°*¤•'*· school buildings for services rendered as such, in dition to their ·*°*““°¤*P•¥· grade salary, to be paid in strict conformity with the provisions of the Act entrtled "An Act to fix and regulate the salaries of teachers, v¤¤.u,a¤. school officers, and other employees of the board of education of the " Disitrict ;>:§4¢.l•<$)rmbia," approved June twentieth, nineteen hundred an six , . Provided, That in asigning salaries to teachers no discrimination £°L‘°{°]u¤;¤¤.,. shall be made between male and funale teachers employed m the “°¤*

e and performing a hke ohms of duties; and rt not be

la to pay, or authorize or require te be paul, from any of the salaries o teachers herein provided, any rtron or percentage thereof for the purpose of adding to salaries oflggj or lower grades. Provided gurther, That no teacher, of the w_ number appro- ,,§:,f"§",g._"" *' ‘° printed for erein, shall be employed as, or required to discharge the duties of, a clerk or librarian. _ _ Nronr scrroorsa For teachers and jamtors of night schools, $[3}:** includinglteachers of industrial, commercial, and trade instruction; and teac Fr: and ganitors oggrorght schools may also be teachers an `an`torso aysc ools $17, . _ I Flor contingent and, other necessary exqlenses of night_school13 "¤“’*’““"‘~ including equipment and the purchase of a necess;3 articles an su lies for classes in industrial, commercial, and the instruction, $2pd)00 i mm, kmbmrearrrmc screams: For kindergarten sup lies, $3,000. piiiilld '°° Jsmrons AND cam: or nomnmos am; onomws: Superintendent of ,_{,,_,•·:.'; •°" °•" °‘ 'anitors, $1 200; I Central High School aud_ annex, janitor, $900; laborer, $420; three laborers, at $360 eaoh;_ rn all, $2,400; Business {Hgh §]<ihool,g0an1tor, $900; laborer, $420; three laborers, at 3606*10 ;¤¤ ,$2,4 ; . g Ormond Wilson Normal School and Ros School, engineer, $900; janitor, $600; laborer, $420; three laborers, at $360 swh; m °“» 3 ; . S Iglfoerson School, janitor, $800; two lahorew, at $360 Gull; m all. 0; . ulsgmtern High School, jamtor, $900; laborer, $420; three laborers, at, $360 each; m all, $2,400} Franklin School, janitor, $840; laborer, $420; two laborers, H6 gmk; in $1,980; sggloormal Scholial Numbered Two, janitor, $900; laborer, $420; two laborers, at $360 each; in all, $2,0403