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956 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. C11. 150. 1913. Iguasgerrégo High School, janitor, $900; laborer-, $420; laborer, $360; ` 1, ; . mSt;;veus School, janitor, $900; two laboren,.at $300 each; m all, $1 0 · _ · _ Mclfinley Manual $%00; eugmegi (aoiad ' truct r team engneering Z ¤¤£\¤¤¤!' Z Z xo janitors, at $720 fireman, $420; two laborers, at $360each; inall $5,980; _ _ _ _ _ Armstrong Manual School, janitor, $900; assistant janitor, $720; engineer and instructor m steam , $1,200; assistant ineer, $720; two laboreis, at $300 ; in , ${,260. MSt1ee:I`§igbSchoolandDouglas andS1mmonsSchools, engineer, $1i)u00; janitor, $900; laborer, $420; three laborers, at $360 each; ' $3,400; mEnlery, the new Mott, Henry D. Cooke Van Buren, and Wallach Schools, five janitois, at $840 each; five laborers, at $360 each; in $6,000· _ -n’Birneg.{and annex, Brookland, Bryan, Curtis, Dennmon, Force, Gage, ee, Garfield, Garnet Grant, Groyer Cleveland, Henry Johnson and annex, Ismgdon, Lovejog, Mmer, Monroe and addition, Peabodfy, Seaton, Sumner, ebster, trong John Thomson Schools, twentyiloig at $720 each; twenty-four laborers, at $300w=h; m ¤ , Z ; ‘ Abbott Benmng` (white) Barrett, Sayls J. Bowen Brightwood, John F. Cook, Cranoh, Dedt, Randall, Sghax, and Tdnley Sclmoh; eleven janitois at $700 eaclr in all, $7,7 . Adams, Addison, Ambush, Amidon, Anthony Bowen, Arthur, Banneker, Bell, Blair, Blake, Blow, Bradley, Brent, Briggs, Bruce, Buchanan, Carberry, Cardozo, Chevy Chase, Congress Heights, Corcoran, Eaton, Edmunds, Eckington, Fillmore, French, Garrison, Giddings, Greenleaf, Harrison, Hayes, Hilton, Hubbard, Hyde, ackson, Jones, Ketcham, Langston, Lenox, Logan, Ludlow, Madison, Magruder, Maury, Montgomery, Morgan, Morse, Patterson, Payne, Petworth, Phelps, Phdlils, Pierce, Polk, Potomac, Powell, Randle Highlands, Slater, Sm wood, Takoma, Taylorw'_£oner, Towers, Twimng, Tyler, Van NesswWebb, Weightmau, eatly, _Wilson, Woodbuin, Wogngelyg 8?)d est Schools; seventy-three jamtors, at $600 ¤ ; . ;

8ll¤§¢|l'10Ql,_w,lB¢0D8lD Avenue Manual Training   Cardozo Manual Training School, and one six-room building in the

twelfth division; four jamtors, at $540 each; in all, $2,160; Brightwood Park and Kenilworth Schools, two janitoni, at $360 each; m all, 8720; Bunker Hill, Deanwood, Hamilton, McCormick, Orr, Reno, Reservoir, Smotheis, Stanton, Threlkeld, Military Road, and Burrville Schools, twelve 'anitors, at $300 each; in all, $3 600; Conduit Roadl Chain Bridlge Road, and Fort Slocum Schools, three mmm; mm. janlitotia, at $150 etacihx; inbgc, $452; _ _ eevento ea nceoan engm, tant ' ml janitor, assistant janitor, laborer, Ereihan, oregrarellliskdler at aEii1§mtie:i1;; during school sessions the board of education is hereby authorized to argoint a substitute, who shall be paid the salary of the position in w ch employed, and the amount paid to such substitute shall be Idleclgcted rom the salary of the absent employee; ,,,§;'gg;{=¤*°“¤ °*¤¤· For caxfelgqiiiosiller buildings and rented rooms, including cooking and manual-trauiing schools, wherever located, at a rate not to Mw exceed $72 per annum for the care of each schoolroom, $8,000. · “** ""¤’°°‘°¤· Mmzucu. msrncmas: Thirteen medical ins ectors of ublic P P schools, one of whom shall be a woman, two of whom shall be den-