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76 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IIQ Ons. 63, 64. 1912. mm, gggp .. ;mmd¤¤;m¤’ undxedandthirtesnofth Attn l¤· *3*33 many, •¤AE1nsiac:¤'§°¢bs nm ieunngodiaiille judiciary, approved Mud; [Public, ne. im.] nineteen hundred and eleven. ‘ {muted emu H Rep1·¤•¢·nta¢·was' the United °"“°° °"'°’°"“'°"' St£:s`l»f it1I:·U?'1r»gra•c ,%hst section one and mYgM¤» ¤>· lm- of the Act to ogolgfyléxrevise, and the lazlsdrgfatang I1:. ' ju 'ciary, approv ,mne 1 ded to ad f ll : _ _ ···· v·····—·— `”’;Q'“€·s1“i"“T··.;§$*·—.§*‘f€·**§*r··e·;..#e· ee·~:e*~¤,e.¤.~. sesame to o rn sou rn o es . “°'“`°"` “““"" E: &‘°'*%"‘“*":t.‘i.¥‘§“.1...¤"*:I*;‘""° ssrmmrmcmsxzmzxg 1 an fm _ • ! Brdok? Chic , Tyler, Pleassnte, Wood, Wirt, Ritchie, Dodd— ridge, wetzel, Monongaha, Marion, Harnson, Lewis, Gilmer, Caltx?·H“...r‘··"€"*:°‘·;e3e1}°*¤.%’.*;¤*.h°¤1·.T“:k:r»emezizbéwxz 1 ran 1 1 1 1_ ; 2 1-sms. Jeflarson, iith the waters thereof. PTOITDS of ge d1str1ct court for ‘ o m 1-; a ai- u on e $T‘L‘§l"‘°"i ‘$i.';"2£¥.%h%;“2dh°’° ?° M;'“Z°‘“§Z’“’g §"i>1""ie°{F° T“°°‘Z‘t’ secogd Tu-gsday ofApril and tllZ esday'1of g¢:it;1ber St onthe£rst’l\1esdayofMay`an e ‘ u yo ctc er; s Phili th f rth Tuesda f M d the second Tuesday of Novddn)l>e(i·I; arfd ZY Parkersburyé (on all s?:ond Tuesday of January BP’°"*°·“ hmm and the second June: Provided, That atglace for holdmg ¥)0\lli§3·:{>0P]]1l18Pl naval mfutrgished free of cost to tiamUmtecL ············¤*·~··== rl. a."'m ‘I&‘t.m£‘“.i..¤f- ii..‘3¤f.°'t‘»f.1°£‘..l$i»...-y‘2;.»..r§ as first EZ? ofJul mineteenhunhd and tenjntheconntiesof ackson, , Roane, Clay, Eraxton, Webster, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Gneegnbner, Fayette, Boone, Kapawha, Putnam, Mason, Cabell, Wayne, Lmcoln, Logan, Mvuii, Raleigh, Wyoming, McDowell, Mercer, Summers, and ’*`°'¤* Monroe, wit the wafers thereof. Terms of the dxstnct court for the southern district shall be held at Charleston on the first Tuesday in 21‘§‘.°n.“’L..¤.‘* “`° ·“`i§“$";§“§‘i°.’i..l”eZ"&“'3;*3£‘ :rleHid1sungt°utmm1i)n £° in _ 1- on _ y in Se tembel; at &uelield on the iirst Tuesdakiu May and the third Tuessa in October; at Addison on the first esda in_Se tember; ¤P•·¤*·¤·“ Mum and at iewisburg on the second Tuesday m July: lgrowled, That a ' place for holding court at Addison shall be furmshed free of cost to the United sum. " ‘ Approved, March 23, 1912. 1{gc; vfhag? Act Grfgpting tb::;>1ulr;.l:mouc%ep:les;na at Pond Creek, Oklahoma, .T;.t 0 NPDE- [ Mlm] Bs it enacted Senate and House of of t/le United '§‘,,,'§f}°c,i",;‘{‘f· OHM State; of in Oonireas asm , That block numbered forty- ¢r•¤¢•¢ ¤·¤¢· Oegxgnated "Court cnf?.) regrveé the town of glenn;} lahoma, as appears m e o c surv t t , approved by the Commmsioner of the General I»ana<l6llicd’<?n Se;>rt?n- ber fourteeutlutgfhteen hundred and nine?-three, be, and the same is hereby, dona and granted to the city o Pond Creek, Oklah »,,,,.,,,,_ for mumcxpal and school purposes: Prmxided, The title to saidolzm

  • ¤*·¤*¤¤ shall revert to the Umtsd States when it is no longer used fox: school

and municipal purposes. Approved, March 23, 1912.