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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. ‘Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 969 Insane in certain cases, and for other urposes," a roved Janu thirty-first, eighteen hundred ninetly-nme uy M _'1‘hpt m ¢xiie¤d¤z¤g_the foregoing sum the disbursing oem or as .m..':‘;¤°:.1 “° ‘°"" District of Co umbxa is authorized to advance to the secretary of the Board of Charities, upon uisitions previously approved by the auditor of the District of Crgllumbia, and upon such security as the Commissioners of the District of Columbia may uire of sand secre-· t.ar_%csums of money not exceeding three hundredmdlollars at one time, to used only for deportation from the District of nonresident ' msane persons, and to be {or monthly on itemized vouchers “’?.° ‘§"‘§*""g °‘“2"” °.‘...»‘*‘° £"i.';¥‘f..i°‘ %‘e‘.?°‘i§‘·-at Sm t. ·-······~..,······,.,,.,.·»····» _ e nm unsemen e e D1 c District of Columbia rider the provisions of the sundry civil bypro- at-¤§:>{l¤r·¤%=¤¤i·y¤il priation Act approved August twenty fourth, nineteen hundre? and mp · twelve, on account of deficiencies in pa ts for the care and maintenance of the insane of said Di.strict the iiscal years hundred and eighty-ono to nineteen hundred and eleven, in usive, 18 hereby fixed at $719,536.09. Brun or rim rooa: For relief of the poor, including pay of “°“°‘°'"‘°’°°'·

 to the Tor at not exceedizf $1 day each, who shall

appointed by the Commissioners the §trict of Columbia on the recommendation of the health officer, $12,000. s3'1&z)·.axsronrauoN or raurns: For transportation of paupus, ,,,,,""‘¤’°'“"* P" WODKHOUBD-··Fo!' the foll now lo or authorized "°'“‘°°"~ under the appropriation for th ouse, “{*:¤=l¤l¤¤•¤°¤ ll- Administrat.ion—Superintendent, $2,H>0;chief clerk, $1,200; a¤istag: supgrintendent, $720; stenographer, $720; stenographer and ° wl', 3 Operation: Foreman, construction, $900; foreman, stone-crushing °’°"“°“""'*" plant, $900; chief engineer and electrician, $900; superintendent rick kiln, $1,500; clay worker, $480; superintendent tailor shop, $480. Maintenance: Physician, $1,350; superintendent of clothing and laundry, $720; storekeeper, $660; steward, $900; stewardess, $480; veterinary and officer, $780; captain of guards, $1,200; captain of the night watch, $900; receiving and disc arging officers—onc $1,000, one $900; su erintendent laundry, $480; two day guards, at $720 each; thirt gaymguards, at $660 each; fifteen DIE t guards, at $600 each; two day officers, at $480 each; four nighto cers, at$480 each; hospital nurse, $480; captain of steamboat, $900; engineer of steamboat, $840; in_all, $55,610. _ _ _ For the maintenance of the District of Columbia Workhouse at ·* ¤v•• Oc uan, Virginia, including the supermtendence, custody, clothing, gusiiiimg, maintenance, care, and su port of (pnsoners;_rewards for ugitives; provisions, subsistence, e an hospital instruments, furniture, and pusrtcrs for guards and other employees andmmates; the purchase o tools and equi ment; the purchase and mamtenance of farm implements, live stocé, tools, equipment, and miscellaneous items; transportation; maintemance and operation of means of transportation, and means of transportation; and supplies and personal services, and all other necessary items, $70,000; _ hd M For fuel for maintenance, $15,000; fuel for inanufacturing and con- · struction, oils and repairs to plant, $30,000; in all, $45,000. For tugboat, $25,000; _ _ _ I°‘°°°` For construction or purchase of not less than fourclaréges, mcluding B"¤°* ersonal services if one or more of them are constru m an estab- Eshed shop of the District of Columbia, $12,000; For matuial for repairs to bmldmg, roads, and walks $4,000; ¥'“'*“'°":P‘-z. That the sum of $33,000 appropriated m the Act malcing appro- ,,“,Y”¤**¤°,m_, kg., M, priations for the support of the Army for the iiscal year ending une nsdnrmcs