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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. 971 ° eers, United States Army, upon plans heretofore authorized to Eglpreparedisard sum to be availa e for the pre eration of plans, the prosecution of the work, the employment ofp personal service

spcgeotlher pmpostess as may   gre judgment 0; the Chief oi

c ou e urposes o ' plgauon, $129,000. thary d any p tlus appron connec ion wi said reclamation and develo ment of Ana- A•¤¤*¤**¤¤ •f `\•¤¤ costia River and Hats from the Anacostia Bridge ti: the Disgigt line, the Secretary of War is authorized to acquire by urchaseor bycon- "“"°‘°'* demnation, or hrghwpiy andpark purposes, the fge simple and absolute title to the land on? the Anacostia River on both sides thereof between the hgi-water ines of said river, as determined by the United States ast and Geodetic Survey, and lines follo approximately the contour of ten feet elevation on each side o sand nver above mea.n_low water at the United States Navy Yard, from the Anacostia Bridge to the northeast boundary line between the District of Columbia and Maryland- and also all land below the high-water lines on each side of Anacostia River between the limits named that is not now ownedmby the United States; and the apghrlpprration made for the amation and development •*·*•· of the acost1a_R1ver and Flats from the Anacostia Bridgenortbeast to the District lme, and all pparropnations heretofore made for said purpose are hereby made a ab e for the purchase or condemnation of said lend and for the payment of amounts awarded as damages for said land and the costs and expenses of the condemnation proceedings in the event that it EIS necwsary to institute such con- _ emnation proceedings: Provided, That if said land or any part §,{,,°f,"°,,,;,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,_ thereof can not be acquired bay; purchase from the owners thereof wg m at a price satisfactory to the tary of War, the Commissioners "` ' of the District of Co umbia, upon the request of the of War, shell institute condemnation proceedings to acqurre such and under the rovisions of chapter fifteen of the Code of Law for the District of Eolumbra. suns. mans. ¤¤·¤ v•*¤- For the condemnation of small park areas at the intersections of ru?;€°.;.lIe`s”l°°4ia°°ei°; streets outside the limits of the oqimal city of Washington, to be " °’· acquired from such areas shown on e map on file in t.he_ofiice of the Engineer Commissioner, in the discretion of the Commissioners of the ,,mw_ District of Columbia, $25,000: Prognded, That such condemnation pqaaamqbl shall be under and in accordance with the provisions of subchapter °· *"· ‘ one of cha ter fifteen of the Code of Law for the District of Colrun 1a: P1-omkialjpuother, That of the amount found to be due and awarded ¤<{:•_L¤_g;¤;¤$ b the 'ury in any such roceeding as damages for and m respect of as tlie land to be condemned for said parks, plus the costs and of the roceeding thereunder, not ess than one-half thereof be assesses by the ry as benefits, which, when collected, covered into the 'Bleesury of the United States, one-half to the credit of the United States and one-half to the credit of the District of mm mmm, Cohrmbia. The ublicparkssoacqurredshall becomeapartof theexnsesees park system of tile District of Columbia and be under the control of the Chief of Engineers of the United States Army. warm. nanirrumrr. w‘°" °”'"°”°°` Payable hum wake e fqHqwm' g sums are a ro tinted to carry on the operations of '°'¤*¤~ thelivater department, to bxdppaibd wholly from its revenues, namely: ucrgmnpsgh-¤a¤¤p» For revenue and inspection branch: Water rtefrstrar, who shall also rform the duties of chief clerk, $2,400; er·ks—one $1,500, one {:200, two at $1,000 each; index clerk, $1,400; three meter