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972 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. III. Ch. 150. 1913. computers, at $1,000 each; chief inspector, $1,000; meter clerk, $:,000; taph clerk, $1,000§f•(11•specwm—eig}1t at $900 each; eleven, a $800ea · messenger · D*¤"*'>°**°¤ *>¤*¤<=¤~ For distribdtion brancli: Superintendent, $3,300; drafteman, $1,600; ‘;*:1·‘:s**·*°2a0z‘°;?.·:*° it tw we *2**: ·* **»2°£9a·,,%:,¤° a , ,one ; e eeper, ;assrstan oreman, ; ee steam engineers at $1 100 each· assistant engm' rs—o t $2,400, one at $1,600; leve1er,,$1,200; tivo rodmen, at $900,0 eacli? tzvo chainmen, at $675 each; draftsman, $1,050; storek er, $1,000; assistant storekeeper, $750; assistant foreman-·—one $$75, one $1,200, one $1,125; chief steam engineer, $1,750; three assistant. steam engineers, at $875 each; four_oi1ers,at $610 each; three firemen, at $875 each; mspector, $1,200; janitor, $900; watchmen—one $875, one $700, one $610; giver, gw; ;w¢;&ie¤sen5£r¤, at $540 each; driver, $630; chief ec ro_v ves, 1 •in $84885; . c¤¤¤¤¢¤¢¤r¤¤¤. mage; contingent expensias, including boolm, blanks, stationerzg printing, £¢;stage, damages, purchase of techmcal reference boo ¤...»... “°%.}2°F.Zl I2'p..° *‘s°‘r£°b%ir?;.?“‘” ""“ °"‘;‘;$.i“,..°°“““"..¤ - distrihutioir to and low dervice, for lowiliezrililczj including public ydrants and fire pl , and labor in repairing, replacing, raising, and lowering new maim and connections and erecting and , maintenance of motor trucks, horses, wagons carts, and necessary for the proper execution of this worh, and including a sum not exceeding $800 1:: the mapd use of bicycles by inspectors of the water epartmeu , , . “*"*"*°°’{,’°°m· or continuing th extensi f dma.rn' tar:nrng` th ° h-servi ”¤m°'m'n` system of water digtributiorciflliiyiliilg necessary suvirtiehigrd truriiki mama for low service, and purchasing, instalhnig, and maintaininv water meters on services to such egrrvate residences and to such mg."“”‘J $£L"°‘*‘.T.2"‘i‘3.T ii? ”§63°%“‘ir “é.‘“°"“ *“°“°” “fil$' °r$'?‘§"“‘g as y ree e mmrssr ‘ ‘ of Columbia, said meters at all tifmes to remain0txh‘id.sp‘1ic>per(i.y ofutiiiri l;r;str·1;tB¢;;sColur(pb1a, to include all nmry1an(;1,t1i¢11ach1nery, buildr__ ,an app ances,au aren h d maintenance of horses, wagons, carts, and liarness ngcelssuhiyaicir :1118 proper execution of this work, and for the purchase and maintenance of one motor runabout, not to exceed in cost $1,000 to be used for purposes of inspection, so much as may be available in the water un ddurmtg tid: fiscal yslgzr nmciteen ggrfndred and fourteeni! after provi ing or e experi ures erem ore authorized, is ereby approprnated. _ mfnjqgfw ¤¤•¤· 2._That the services of draftsmen, assistant engneers, levelers, transrtmen, rodmen, chammenhcomputers, copyists, overseers, and mspectors temporarily regurred in connection with sewer street or road work, or the construction and repair of buildings and bridges, pgodang general or special en.%geenng or construction work author; sat Zs?%?5r2$$Zi£“§ts §“,m».·Z..P·° °‘l °‘°"2i“*"°"' it °’“"’ “‘*° by the Commissioners of the District, d ah an h m wntmgcxpmordcreg tures for- execution of worksilligallnbe paid fromaiild gpaably chbmn ;i t1appropna£3ed for said work; and mmm eu-a the number of such employees perforrninxgmducltisgxiciiezsliiiiglrgrhiiairt _ work, and the sums paid to each, and out of wh ·‘ · · P~•¢·· . Mi ippro nation. gdmm ¤,,,,,“. Pmynded That the expenditures hereunder shall not exceedp $70 000

  • ""~ during the Hscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen ’

_L',§_f"" °°¤· 'Hre Commisioners of the District of Columbia . further __»··»··-.-»····, rfa to eznlrgcy smyemrsy such ramps s1s¤1sa°iit0m, .i}`a$Z°rf 0¤f·|¤¤, mechanics as may be requusd exclrmively in connection