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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 973 with sewer, street, and road work, and street cleaning, or the construction and repair of buildings and bridges, furniture and equipments, or any general or special engineering or construction or repair work, and to mcur all necessary engineering and other ex , exclusive of personal services, incidental to c on sucli work and necessary for the proper execution thereof, said laborers, skilled laborers, drivers, hostlers, and mechanics to be employed to perform such work as may not be required by law to be done under contract, and to pl:-ty for such services and expenses from the appropriations 4 under w `ch such services are rendered and incurred. Sec. 3. That all horses, harness, and ho vehicles neces- gg gt; sary for use in connection with the construction and supervision of vvnmhhnnnimn sewer street, street lightinq, road work, and str·eet-cleaning work, °°‘ including the maintenance o said horses and harness, and the maintenance and repair of said vehicles, and the purchase of all necessary article and supphes m connection therewith, or on construction and_ repair of buildmgs and bridges, or any general or special eering or construction work authorized liy appropriations, may g pure chased, and maintained exc usively to cagy into aEect said appropriations, when specihcallg and in writingo ered by the Commissioners of the District of olumbia; and all such expenditures neceuary for the preset execution of said work, exclusive of (personal services, shall be pai from and equitably charged against e sums mn appropriated for said work; and the Commissioners o the District in t e annual estimates shall report the number of horses, vehicles, and harness purchased, and horses and vehicles hired, and the sumsogaid for same, and out of what iggpropnation; and all horses own or maintained by the District all, so far as may be practicable, be rovided for in stables owned or glp:-arated by said District: Provulcd, .{·°§°,§,"°;,,,,, ,,,,, ghat such horses, horse-drawn v `cles, an carts_as may tempo- ¤¤¢·¢&¤¤¤|¤¤·¤¤¤ rarily needed for hauling and excavating material m connectron with works authorized by appropriations may be temporarily employed for such urjposes under the conditions named m section two of this Act in relation to the employment of laborers, skilled laborers, and mechamcs. Sec. 4. Thatil the of assistgmtteengineerjq, draftsmgn, level- m·E,,‘jé:‘&E“L@ ers, rodmen, c ammen, an mspec rs mporan require rn con- · · nection with water-department work authorized lay appropriations ma be employed exclusively to carry into effect sand appropnatrons, ami be paid therefrom, when specifically and 1l1_W1:li;\I\g ordered by the Commissioners of the District, and e Commissioners of the Drstrict indtheir annuaélh estimates shag! Eport thick nurnibetr]; of such empéoyg F·•v°¤~ ees o su servicesan err wo an esums par P I _ each¥i6Pror1[.iuid!;§, That the expenditures hereunder shall not exceed mqsmtm ¤v•¤¤# $13 000 during the Hscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen. · cm. 'Iihe Commissioners of the District of Colurrrbra are further author- nz;}-;¤¤¤ ized to employ temporarily such laborers, skilled laborers, and ,me· “·r·¤p¤·n·ynm¤, chanics as may be required m connection wrth water·—depar·tment · work, and to incur all necessary engmeering other expenses, exclusive of personal services, mcrdental to c:3rng_on such work and necessary for the proper execution the , said laborers, skilled laborers, and mechanres_to be employed to perform such work as may not be required by existing law to be done under contract, and to pay for such services and eggenses from the_ approsriatron under whrc ”“§Z¤’“. 5'.‘°·i~r.°°'2'°rrI2“c’,'i$fi»¤°°e,s"’ °”fr“a‘Z‘°psc{a ct coasts. m ,____·g;-··-··· ···-· authorized tc employ in the execution of work the cost of rs pay- mmable from the ap&ropriation account created rn the District appropriation Act for e year nmeteen hundred and tive, approved April twenty-seventh, nmeteen hundred and four, and known as the