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974 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913 "Miseellaneous trust-fund deposh, District of Columbi.a," all necessary mspeetors, overseers, foreman, sewer tappers. skilled laborers, mechanics, laborers, special at street·railway , one mspector of gas iittmg, two amtors for laboratories of ¤1'°¤¤8¤ _ , l , the Waehmgton and Georgetown Gas Light Companies, market master assistant market master, watchman, horses, carts, and wagons, and to incur all necessary expenses incidental to carrying on such work and necessary for the proper execution thereof, such services and to be Bend said apfpropnation account. _ migéit ¤¤ ¤·1¤i- gmc, 6, The mmissrgrers o lhstrict of ggurnbra shalh mt make requi 'tions e riath from 'Treasury o e _ United Statds for a larger the iiscalyear hundred and fourteen they make on apprepnatrone arising from the revenues, mcluding certificates, said

¤¤.“s; renszcoslcase ofllandor  °rshal1 be lozctrdtd on the  

'“*m,,°’ P•'“”¢ ‘°' of any street, avenue, or-road_ in the District of Columbia. bL·¤¤;i¤¤r¤•¤¤»a ¤¤ pamted or printed sign or advertisement for the sale, rent, or ' lariecg¢£kndswpmmke:£mt;y,wRhthe;°wrRtenc¤in}smtdtheo;vne: or re‘phr:•entat1ve e owner, laced, any one o no exceeding' reelestateagenhnonan lot ieceor arcelofland abutting on a street, avenue, or road irnisiddgistriizt, ol; attached to rmneruqa the exterior of ancyrlbuilding fronting thereon. The Commissioners of the of umhra areauthorizedtorsethepolice`authority vested nr them, to reqmrethe runoval_of eny sign or adyertrsement mvrolatron ofthrs rovmon,andtomstntuteprosecutso1rs,mthe Police_Court of the l£strwt of Columbia, against pereons violating the ,,,‘;"“’ '°' "°'* revisions hereof, and every suchfperson, u n conviction of such mellrtion, be fined in the sum o not less me $5 nor more than $25. ¤P¤¤|¤¢ U¤¤*¤•• PUBLIC COMMISSION. Hmm; ¤r¤¤·¤¤¤ Sm. _8. Par. 1. That for thespwiose of this section the term

 "comm1ssion" when used herein _ mean the Eblic utilities com-

, mission of the District of Columbia created b t section.

 The term "commissioner" when used in   section shall mean

one of the members of such eommrswn. "P¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤*1~" The term "pub1ic utility" as used in this section shall mean and embrace ev street railroad, street railroad corporation common carrier. gasililyant, gas corporation, electric plant, electrical corporation, water power company, telepihpne corporation, telephone line, mgaph corporation, telegraph _ e, and line compan .

 _ cl em-m*•servme" isnsedinthissectionmits broadest andmost

m usive sense.

 The term "corpora.tion’f when used in this section includes a corporation, company, association, and joint-stock company or amocmtron.
 The word "person" when used in this section includes an indi-

_, __ vidual and a firm or copartnership. "“""“" The term "joint rates" when used in this section with reference to street railways shall be taken to mean rates between unrelated lines now in eifect under law or under contract, or which may hereafter be specriicelly authorized by law.

 •·‘ ¤· Theterm "extensmnorextensions ’ when used inthbsectionshall

include the reasonable extension of the service and facilities of every streetrarlroad, railroad corporation gas plant, gas corporation, eleetnc_ plsnt$electrresl_ corporation, telephpne corporation, telephone lgehgelelgrcepéu lme, and telegraph corporation as the same are defined ?""'°"'“'°"‘·" Tll8l3€1'!Il"hl7I‘08hf\l.l1’08(l"Wll6D\18G(l·tlli tio'cld every such railroad, whether wholly or partlyx the oFnCollr1: