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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 975 bla, b whatsoever power operated or any extension o eexte ’

>°r;.n<>§ror branchesfthereof, for public use con·i‘TIay'ance_]ciil(]iI

e.m.¤t.".f°"°"..." t.${...°.‘§.'”;’§“’*‘“‘°t.i.“’· ‘“‘Z.“‘°1..‘}Z°2...;..°‘*..,,,.“"’““°“..,].‘· terminal fuilzilities of joinlpor tf erso passengers tweenstreet, ilwa havmg' eonneegmg lines street railways having independznt ligzs, subways, tunnels, and stations, used, operates, or owned by or in connection with any

 thepropertyof thesameusedirithe

us . _ The terms "stroet corporation" when used_in this section as mcludes every cprporatron, company, amocratwn, jomt-stock com- °°°°°*’°‘ 5%-°‘ ¤?.,"t“£I‘.'£.°i“*‘...,"" “”·.‘i..."€;.”2.T’“ ‘*°"‘g· ”"""‘°“ i" 223 or receivers ° by any court whatsoever, owning, operati1rg,'•gonuoDing, dr any stree:_ra1l:§ad orlany cars or other equipment used thueon or m connec ion erewrt The term "commondca.rrier" when in this section includes "¤¤¤¤·¤¤ cu-n¤.·· express companies an every corporation street railroad l-para,. tion, company, association, joint-stock company or assgiiation, partrtipdrsgrp, and plcgtrsoiiktétlggnr lessees, trustees, or receivers, appom _ y any co w ver ownmi operating controllm' g managing any agency O! {OPE lm use for the conveying; of persons or p wrthm the trlct of Columbia for hire. Steam rai1r0ads,_ e ashington Terminal Company, and the Norfolk and Washington Steamboat Company, and all companies engaged in interstate traffic upon the Potomac River and Chesapeake pay srs exclpdzul from the operationvof this section, and are not rneu e int e erm common earner. The term "gas plant" when used in this section includes all "¤••v¤•¤¤" buildings, easementséalrieal estate, mm pipes, conduits, service ipes services pipe cries, meters, , water-gas sets retorts gxtures, condensers, scrubbers, purifiers, holders, materials, appua; ratus, personal (property, and franchises, and property of svg d used m the con act of the business operated, owned, controll , used or to be used for or in connection with or to facihtate the manufacgure, dtistrgbution, sale, or furnishing of gas (natural or manufactured) or ig t at or power. _ _ The ter-rii J gas corporation" when used in this sectrorrincludes "°•• ¤*P°'•¤°¤~’ every corporation, company, association joint-stock company orassociation, artnsrshrp, or person manuiacturing making, distributing, or selling gas for light, heat, or power, or {or any public use whatsoever in the District of Columbia, their lessees, trustees, or receivers, appointed by aréyn court whatsoever, and in iran: drstrrez wmn` tin ntro , or man any gas p an excep $vhere%hgI§ii: is gies; or produced and buted by the niaker on or through private property solely for its own use or the use_ of its tenants and not for sale to or for the use of others. ‘ The term "electrie plant" when used in this section includes all ‘·m¤¤rr•¤r»¤¤¤=." engines, boilers, dynamos generators, storage batteries, converters, motors, transformers, cables, wires poles, lamps, meters, easements, real estate, fixtures, and personal property, materials, apparatus, and devices of every kmd operated, owned; u'sed tcrbe used for or in connection with or to iacilitate the generatron, transmission, distribution, sale, or furnishing of electricity for light, heat, or power, and any conduits, ducts, lorlgitgier devices, matir·als, gpparagusi or rt f ntainin, o g orcarryrngeecrnc con ucors Egggcorjio gi; rigged wholly or in psif for the transmission of electricity for light, heat, or power, except where electricity is made, generat , produced, or- transmitted by a private person or private corporation