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1080 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. P custody or cpaninementfhwheigleniiigllgd theretci by lag, regul?ion, ’°§}°'· contract: r , at t `s s not ap y to 0 cers an enugejimiglomtmment listed men who are treated in tlprivate hospitals or by civilian physi- . cians while on furlough- for e proper care and treatment of epi- ¤v•¤¤¤¤ . . z . . . demic and contagious diseases m the Army or at mihtary posts or "°“"i°Z§2 i‘i°}`$.d§3§.‘¤?5°“§”°S.mgt§s %‘£.°£’$i£ '$*§S?'$2$i3“§3’$3$’ ?§-dbi? a 0 e e , · sinyénand clothing ZlIl.l11'6(l or destroyed in such prevention; for the a of male and femalle nurses, not including the Nurse Corps (female), End of cooks and other employed for the proper care of sick officers and soldiers, under such regulations fixing their number, qualifications, assignment, pay, and allowances as shall have been or shall be prescribed by the Secretaryl of War; for the pay of civilian physicians employed to examine p gsically applicants for enlistment and enlisted men and to ren er other professional services from time to time underlpgroper authority; for the pay of other employees of the Medical partment; for the tpayment of express companies and local transfers employed direc X by the Medical Department for the transportation of medical an hospital supplies, inc uding bidde§ samples and watetgl fciii analypigg for guppges for useinteachmg` earto cookmg' to e osita · or esupp;g$hgXm° H"' ply of the A11?yds;n§d N?1vyHHoti11pital at Ho1?Sp Arkansas; for avertisxpig un ,an 0 ern misce eousexpenses 3513 og igppw to of the ellical Department, $750,000: Frmnkled, That hereafter, with the approval 0 the Secretary of War and at rates of charge of not less than the contract prices lpaid therefor plus twenty-five per . centum to cover the cost 0 purc ase, gnglpection, and so orth,_the %zTI31i1§;la1DI¢;];a1nment of t}hemA•1é1_;1%1may H for gash the ttmencan suc c su esan euimen ascan Pavmmof ts be spaired without detriment to the PI:·0vi¢1edfu¢·, with-om, omm 'Ijhat ereafter m_ the settlement of accounts between the approcplnations of the Medical Department and those of any other bran of the Axtrpy service, or agy bureau or office ¢ghts1i¢;n War Departrgcgnt, or any 0 er executive epartment or esta ent of the vernment, pa ent thereof may be made b the ro r di bursmg' Hi of the Mglical Department or of the ybranch ol:f6theSArmy Camlzm office, bureau, departmentzgr establishment concerned. ,,,ymm,,;,,,,,,p,,,, Hosrrmx, cams, CANA1. rm oaaaisoxsz For paying the Panama ¤m.¤w·.¤¢ cmisons. Canal such reasonable charges exclusive of subsistence, as_may be approved by the Secretary of Wm for carmg_m_1ts hosyintals for o cers, enhsted men, military prisoners, and civilian employees of Prom the Army admitted thereto upon the request of proper military 8,,,,,,,,;,,,,, par authority: Prgvyled, That the subsistence of the said patients, www- except commissioned officers and acting dental surgeons, shall be paid to said hospitals out of the appropriation for subsistence of the Army at the rates provided therein for commutation of rations for enlisted atients in general hospitals, $45,000. ¤¤=·¤¤¤- Amar ron. Musmm AND Lmmar: For Army Medical Museum, preservation of specimens, and the preparation and purchase of new mmm specimens, $5,000. _ ' For the library of the Surgeon General’s office, including the purchase of necessary books of reference and periodicals, $10,000. n¥£§’“ °' I"“““' BUREAU or msurnn Amnimg, §° °‘ ""““° ’°" Cana or msaim Fimrxiyo sonnmas: _For the care, maintenance, §¤°{_¤;5f;=}¤¤1i2g>_¤¤ and treatment at algylums m the Phihppme Islands of insane natives of the Philippine ands cared for m such institutions conformably ygilie éptggo Congress approved May eleventh, nineteen hundred and ’ O