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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. 1081 Cana or msaxn souarmzs, Poaro Rico Rmommvr or Inmxrar: ¤=¤’¤**¤ RM For the care, maintenance, and treatment at asylums in Porto Rico of insane soldiers of the Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, $300. sncnmmn nnranrunxr. m§,’}¥‘°°" D°P”*‘ Emmmmz r>m>o·rs: For incidental exppnses for the depots, includ- ,,,'§,°,§‘g,§‘,,"' °‘*’°'“" ing_ fuel, liglists, chemrcals, stationery, ardware, machinery, pa of civilian cler , mechanics laborers, and other employees, extra-Jirty gay to soldiers necessarily employed for geriods not less than ten ays as artiiicers on work m ad 'tron to an not strictl in the line of their military duties, such as carppnters, blacksmitlis, draftsrnen, printers, lithographers, photograp ers, engine drivers, telegraph operators, teamsters, wheelwrrghts, masons, machinists painters, overseers, laborers; for lumber and materials and for labor for packing and cratilnlg engineer supplies; repairs of, and for materials to repair, public b `dings, machinery, and instruments, and for unforeseen exgenses, $25,000. Nemmin Scnoor., Wasnmorort, Drs·rmc·r or Cormqsm: Eqgip- w§,¥',,§;*,§§§,,f',‘;f'(§f°‘· ment and maintenance of the E eer School at Washington ar-· E<1¤1v¤¤¤¤t M- racks, District of Columbia, incl purchase and repair of instruments, machinery, implements mod , and materials, for the use of the school and for mstruction of Engineer troops in their special duties as sappers and miners; for land mming, pontoniering, and for purchase and binding of professional works and perio cals of recent date treating on military and civil engineering and kindred scientific subjects or the library of the United States Engineer School; for incidental exppgses of the school, including chemicals, ’”“‘*"‘“"‘*"""'· stationery, hardware, mac ery, and boats; for pay of civilian clerks, draftsmen, electricians, mechanics, and laborers; compensation of civilian lecturers and payment of tuition fees of student officers at civil technical institutions· for extra·duty pay to soldiers necessarily em loyed for periods not less than ten ays as artificers on work in addition to and not strictlylsin the line of their duties, such as carpenters, blacksmit , draftsmen, printers, `thographers, photographers, engine drivers, telegraph operators, telephoneopera·· tors, teamsters, wheelwrights, masons, mac ts,pa1nters,overseers, and laborers; for unforeseen exgenses; for travel expenses of officers ""“°‘ °"P°""‘ on journe s approved liy the ecretary of War_ and made for the P u purpose of7instruction: romded, That the travelm¤§ expenses herein niiiZ¤°b:¤u¤q•. provided for shall be m lieu of mileage and other owances; and to rtmmnaa. rovide means for the theoretical and practical instruction at the Engineer School by the ajpurchase of textbooks, books of reference, scientific and profession papers, and for other absolutely necessary exgenses, $25,000. _ Normans mqumumrr or moors: For pontoon material, tools, '¤·¤<x¤¤v¤¤¤¤*•>*¤¤·v•· instruments, supplies, and appliances reqinred for use in the engineer equi ment of troops, for military surveys, and for Engineer o ations in the Held, including the purchase and preparation of _ manuals and procurement 0 special paper for same, $48,000: Pro- §',§",§,’°,;,d,,_ vided, That authority is grante for the expenditure from this appropriation of the sum of $750 for the purc ase of two motor gycles, and of the sum of $200 for the maintenance and repair (ex nsive of fuel) of four motor cycles. _ Crvruazw Assrsrnrrs ro ENcmnr:n ormcmnsz For services of sur- ¤*·¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤=¤¤- veyors, survey parties, draftsmen, tphotographers, master laborers and clerks to Engineer officers on e staffs of division, corps, and de artment commanders, $40,000. _ goxrrxenncms, ENGIEEEB Dnranmmm, lfnrnrrrrmn Isnarmsz ,p§,g¤gf;_$*g$· 1***** For contingent expenses mcrdent to the operations of the Engineer