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IO82 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. Depargamlpngeiu the Phi;lippine$§&16is, to be expended at the discretion 0 the cre o ar . 1;¤;,d*,gg¤S§;bgi¤}·¤éM Where the expigsyes OIJN-)l'SO1;S engaged in field work_ or traveling iiimbm. ° ° G on official business outsi e of the istrrct of Columbia and away from their designated posts of duty are chaxgleable to appropriations ·*”‘°·P·“"°· of the Engineer Department contained in the Army appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, a per diem rate of $4 may be allowed in lieu of subsistence. mggiuuca Dans"- ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. C¤¤¤¤¤¤¤r>¤¤¤¤¤- O1u>NANcn snnvrcnz For the current expenses of the Ordnance Department, in connection with purchasing, receiving; storinig, and issuing ordnance and ordnance stores, comprising pp 'ce an _ office duties, rents, tolls, fuel, light, water, and advertismg, stationery t ewriters, and adding machines, including their exchange, and ogice furniture, tools, and instruments of service; for incidental expenses of the Ordnance service and those attending practical trial and tests of ordnance, small arms, and other ordnance stores; for ublications for libraries of the Ordnance Department, includin the Ordnance OiHce·‘ subscriptions to periodicals which may be pai?} for in advance, and payment for mechanical labor in the office of the Chief of Ordnance; and for purchase, maintenance, re air, and operation_of horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles, ang maintenance, repuai? ;1§g5 gpgration of one mot0r—propelled passengepcarrying ve c e . Ammumthm for Onnrimcmi sT0nms—AMMUmT10N: Manufacture of ammunition °“"‘"“""“’°°° for small arms for reserve supply, amrmmition for burials at the National Soldiers’ Home in Washirigton, District of Columbia, ammunition for tiring the m0rnin§ and evening gun at military posts prescribed by General Orders umbered Seventy, Headquarters of the Army, dated Jug twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and at National ome for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers and its several branches, including National Soldiers’ Home in Washington, District {rigfevvi of Columbia, and soldiers’ and sail0rs’ _State homes, $100,000: Pro- ° P ‘ videg, That} not more than $5,000 of this appropriation may be used int e ure ase 0 ammunition. T¤*¤•*P¤·=*¤=•- SMAII;.4-ARMS TARGET PRACTICE! For manufacture of ammunition, targets, and other accessories for small-arms and maehine·gun target practice and instruction; marksmen’s medals, prize arms, and insignia for all arms of the service; and ammunition, targets, target materials, and other accessories ma be issued for small-arms target ‘ practice and instruction at the edlicational institutions and State soldiers’ and sailors’ o(1iphans’ homes to which issues of small arms are lawfully made, un er such regulations as the Secretary of War may prescribe, provided the total value of the stores so issued to the _ educational institutions and homes does not exceed $30,000, $800,000: fg1%*g,pmm¤_ Provided, That not more than $30,000 of this appropriation may be used for the purchase of artrcles not manufactured y the Government, and necessary for small-arms target practice. ·r£¤¤u¤cr¤rmg,ecc., MANrrrAc·rrmn or ARMS1 For manufacturugg, reyairin , and issup,.;,,;,.,_ ing arms at the national arrnories, $250,000: rovi ed, That existing P°”°“°°d °'**°*¤- written agreements 1I1VOlV'lIlg· the purchase of patented articles paglpts for which have not expired maiy be car1§ed lput. 1 Preserving, ctc., nnazvcrz STORES AND BUPPLIES2 or over au 'n , c eanin , re- °td°°n°°‘ pairing, and preserving ordnance and ordnance storesgn the harids of troops and at the arsenals, posts, and depots; for purchase and manufacture of ordnance stores to fill requisitions of troops; for E‘*'“p“’°“"· Infant1;_y,¤Cavalry, and Artillery equipments, including horse equipments or Cavalry and Artillery, $1,000,000.