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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 143. 1915. 1085 before mentioned, constitutes or includes a crime or offense punishable by confinement in a pemtentiary, may be confined at hard labor, during the entire period of confinement so adjudged, in any United States, State,_Territorial, or District penitentiary, or in any other pemtentiaily directly or indu·ect1y under the jurisdiction of the United tates; an all persons sentenced to confinement upon conviction by .°l·g§;¤¤, mt ml d*¤· courts-martial or other militapy tribunals who are not confined in a up ’ Bepitentiary may be confine and detained in the United States ` ciplinary Barracks. " 3. The government and control of the United States Disciplinary clcggggla ¤*¢·· gg db- Barracks and of all offenders sent thereto for confinement and deten- P ' tion therein shall be vested in the Avczjutant General of the Army imder the direction of the Secretary of ar, who shall from time to time make such regulations respecting the same as may be deemed necessary, and who shall submit annually to Congress a full statement of glgealiinancial and other affairs of said institution for the preceding c year. "4. The officers of the United States Barracks shall d.§§{1‘.§‘““,$,“§‘· ,§,§*; consist of a commandant and such subordinate officers as may be °m°°”· necessary, who shall be detailed by the Secretary of War from the commissioned officers of the Army at largp. In addition to detailing m§;'§:;·°,f,,_•$°°° for duty at said disciplinary barracks su number of enlisted men o the Staff Co and departments as he may deem necessary, the Secretary of Wu shall assign a sufficient number of enlisted men of the line of the Army for dut as guards at said disciplinary barracks and as noncommissioned oécers of the disciplinary olpggnizations hereinafter authorized. Said guards, and also the e ted men ¤§f,§}’”"°‘Y °'¢“'*‘ assigned for duty as noncommissioned officers of disciplinatiiysorganizations, shall be detached from the line of the Army, or e te for the purpose; and said guards shall be organized as infantry, with noncommissioned officers, musicians, artificers, and cooks of the number and grades allowed by law for infantry organizations of like 1-mat. strength: Provided, That at least one of said guards shall have the S°‘g°°“’ ”“’°'· rank, pay, and allowances of a battalion sergeant major. Aumom 0, com "5. T e commandant of the United States Disciplinapy Barracks mamma. y shall have command thereof and charge and custody of l offenders sent thereto for confinement and detention therein· shall govern ,,,l;d“§,‘§l°’“°“° °' °" such offenders and cause them to be employed at such labor and in such trades and to perform such duties as may be deemed best for their health and re ormation and with a view to their honorable restoration to duty or their reenlistment as hereinafter authorized; shall cause note to be taken and a record to be made of the conduct of such offenders; and may shorten the daily time of hard labor of those who by their obedience, honesty industry, and gpneral good conduct earn such favors·——all under such regulations as the Secretary of War may from time to time ppescribe. mnmy mmm; of "6. The Secretary of War sh provide for placing under military 2§,§,“§,°',Q‘,,,Q‘?f,,{,§f‘°'“' training those offenders sent to the United States Disciplinary Barracks for confinement and detention therein whose record and conduct are such as to warrant the belief that upon the completion of a course of military training they ma be worthy of an honorable restoration _ to duty or of being permitted, to reenlist; may provide for the organi— d£"§?§l{"?§"§‘§ ,‘,§‘,,§§ zation of offenders so placed under military training into disciplinary P°¤*°°· °‘°- companies and higher units, organized as infantry, with noncommissioned officers, except color sergeants, selected or appointed from the enlisted men assigned to duty or that purpose pursuant to the provisions of paragraph four hereof; and may provide for uniformmg, arming, and equipping such organizations. _ _ "7. Whenever e s all deem such action merited the Secretary of ,,§‘,,‘2,‘“p‘S§,E,°{Q,,‘}§ ${*3; War may remit the unexecuted ppftions of the sentences of offenders gy? f<>= s¤<>¤ ¢>·¤>— sent to the United States Discip ary Barracks for confinement and