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1084 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915.

  • ’°"“°'“‘“b'*’°°“f)° Prmrided, That the appropriations hereinbefore made under the

wiriiriilvigi mmm { headingl;‘Ordnance Depai?tment" shall be available for the payment of an a owance not to exceed $4 per day in lieu of subsistence to civilian employees of the Ordnance Deplagment traveling on official business outside of the District of C0 bia and away from their condemned mmm- dggnated posts of duty. _ imma to coma at there 18 hereby onated to the trustees of the Gordon Institute, {}'j{“'“'*’» B°"’°““*°· located at Barnesville, Georgia, ten condemned cannon, the same being Pm, p. 1208. ten twelyelpound Nglpoleon guns now located at the United States Arsenal m mejgusta, eorgia, and being condemned and not fitted for use by the tary forces of the United States; also a suitable outfit of cannon balls; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to deliver said ten Napo eon gims and cannon balls to the §{>°*{§*_;gm_ trustees_of the said Gordon Institute: Promkled, That no expense shall be mcurred or paid by the United States, and that the Secretary Mmmm: of mw of War_ shall approve of said donation. F, ,,,b`;2,,m,, ba Provided, That hereafter when one bureau of the War or N avy °j_'g,°:vy D°p:*;_g;’;__* I`;epart1e§p1t1s procurres by purchase or menufmteae stgres or metterig o any or e orms any service or ano er ure u departments the Ifunds of the bureau or department forawh(ichS`l;lie stores or material are to be procured or the service performed may be laced subgect to the requisition of the bureau or de artment makling the procurement or performing the service for expend {,";g*{:n§“ PW iture by it: Provided, That when the stores be' procured are for mime. erxzrrent isséue delring the year spores off egual fgdgie néay be issued mstoc on an mpaceo an 0 ose oresai. n;‘§}§5°u*';{f¤°¤” °¤ That the President be, and he is liereby, authorized to appoint, by gngqdieeigisemn. with the adeihce pif tgie Sierigteilany liirigagner genera} ‘ o eArmyon ereir woase erananco of major general of Volunteers and performed the duties incildleliiltln to that grade m time of actual warfare, and has been honerably discharged, and who eerved with_ credit m the_ Regular or Volimteer forces during the Civil War prior to April nmth, eighteen hundred and sixty-tive, to the grade of ma]or_general m the United States Immd mae for Army and tpklace on the retired list with the play of b adier egeegietgcgenm ot re- gleneral on e retired list; and officer now on the retirednlist of ‘ the who served with credit or more two years as a com- Il11BSil10D. hofficeg ofdVo1unteers during the Civil War prior to April mnt , egg teen un red and sixty-five, and who subsequently served with cr it for more than forty years as a commissioned officer of the_Regula.r Army, including service in command of troops in five Indian camgsaigns, the War with Spain, and the Philippine insurrection, an to whom the Congressional medal of honor for most distingmshed conduct m action as been twice awarded, and who has also been brevetted for conspicuous gallantry in action, and place him on the retired list of the Army with the rank and retired pay of one grcedeazlzove that ac_tuat{l1y1l§$y him at the time of his retirement r m ive service m e ar y. XQ“s?y¢ii.ri°¢i°22!;'_ri¢1¤ 2. That chapter six, Title XIV of the Revised Statutes of the amassed? Z"' United States be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as follows : m”,g°;Pt*;g¤u;{lm§ M- " 1, The United States Milita Prison, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, . Cmimk wmmd shell hereafter be known as the mted States Disciplmary Barracks. H§g<;r0c§ée1i§ii;1,§¢:d: 2_. Persons sentenced to confinement upon conviction by courts- @_ sate, eta, pan. martial or other military tribunals of crimes or offenses which, under . *°”°’ some statute of the United States or under some law of the State, Territory, District, or other jurisdiction in which the crime or offense my be committed, are pumshable by confinement in a penitentiary, in uding persons sentenced to cenfinement upon conviction by courts-martial or other tribunals of two or more acts or omissions, any one of which, under the statute or other law herein-