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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 146. 1915. 1135 For department of modern languages: For station textbooks D°P•¤¤*,°¤*°* m°d· and books of reference for use of instructors, for repaiigxif books and n ' apparatus for office furniture, andi §or printing examination pa ers, an 0 er n pa rs, an or conf encies $1 000; ger department of law: hor ggationery, textboolklg and books of ”°°"““?"‘°“"'· reference for the use of instructors, maps, map fixtures, furniture, and for repairs to the same, for rebinding books and periodicals, and fmlfomdingencigsl $35}); `cal mih eering F od. is °°*"'““°"‘,,,°g,§?,§“' or epartmento racti "taryen` : orm e,,,,,,,1,,,m _ books of reference, sciengific periodicals and sgartionery ; for purchase M- my and re( of instruments, materials, and apparatus for use in mstructrlxigjca ets in surveying, reconnoissance, signaling and field telegraphy, tax field engineering, and field fortification· for photographic and li ographic apparatus and materials for field photograp y and map reproduction; tools and materials for maintenance of the batteries o the acaderply; transportation of field parties; for extra-duty pay of engineer sol ers at 50 cents per day each when emploied as assistants in photographic laboratory or as special skilled mee anics indtéhlefdepprtment, and for contingent expenses not otherwise provi or, 2,000; For department of ordnance and e : For purchase, manu- ,,,,,’,,°§’{',,°,¥"”",,,,,,,,,,,,°"l'°' facture, and repair of instruments, modlexllgflmrgchinery, and appraratus; for purchase o samples of arms and accouterments other t those supplied to the military service; for books of reference, textbooks, stationery, office fiuniture and supplies; for services of skilled mechanic (civilian) employed in the department of ordnance and science of gunnery and for contingencies, $1,800; _ or urchase of machines, tools, and material for p1‘8Gl2108l instruction ofp cadets in wood and metal working $500; _ mo, mm For department of military hygiene: hor stationery, textbooks, and books of reference for use of instructors; for thezsreparation of plates, purchase of paper, and other expenses inciden to the printing of syllabuses o lectures on parts of the subject not covered by the regular textbooks; for the purchase of charts, photographs, and pictures for use in demonstration; for the purchase of ms ruments and models; for shelves and cases for books, mstruments, and models pnd records; and for contingent expenses not otherwise provided or, $500; _ For department of English and history: For purchase of stationery, 1sii°ili»`i1"zii:€°¤i-§°i Eu textbooks, books of reference office furmture, maps, maps Hxtures, and for repairs to same, for rebmding books and periodic , and for contingent expenses not otherwise provided for, 850; For a course of lectures for the more complete mstruction of cadets, L°°“"°" $1,200; MISCELLANEOUS rrims Arm rxommrran nxmamsms. ,,,,,‘{,{'§{,"{“,‘§,°,§‘,?,,,,'§{"’ For commercial periodicals, stationery, office furniture and supplies, T‘°‘“““"" °m°°‘ and for binding orders, circulars, and so forth, for the office o the treasurer, United States Military Academg, $210; _ For gas coal, oil, candles, lantems, mate es, chimneys and wicking, ,,,Ijl‘"'“"’l““b“"’ and electrical lamps and supplies, and for operating the gas plant, $10,000; For water pi , lumb° , and re airs, $6,000; For matedalllnllnclllaborlligr cleanjig and policing public buildings, not quarters, $4 050; For supplies ior recitation rooms not otherwise provided for and for renewing and repairing furniture in same, $600; Increase and expense o library, namely: _ L“"""· For purchase, preservation, care, storage, binding and repair of books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, pictiues, and manuscripts; pur-